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DIY Lit Analysis & Essay Tutorials I Found

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DD will be a freshman this fall. For our English class, I purchased IEW's Elegant Essay, however, because DD really wants to do ancient lit to coincide with ancient history, I didn't want to do WTTW for our comp portion of the class. Therefore, I needed to find another way to teach DD lit analysis.  I didn't want to have to purchase yet another text, so I went online to see if I could find something....I was fortunate to find the following:


Helpful YouTube videos to use as supplemental resources:

  • (CAUTION: This is really a fantastic video about one young woman's journey into annotating, why she does it, how she started and has progressed. Unfortunately, she also uses foul language 2-3x - no profuse, just a couple words 2 or 3x)
  • Annotating Text

While finding the above on YouTube, I noticed some high school advice tutorials. I figure they would be great to add as daily helpful hints for DD first thing each morning.

  • etc...



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