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  1. Anyone have this for the reset of parent password? It's the weekend and we're in Hawaii so I missed business hours :(

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    Oak Meadow C1999 English World Histry Earth Sci, Gr. 7 -- $75 ppd. Good. Age of Enlightenment-1999, TM and Student Pages Moving Beyond the Page 7-9 , Gr. 3 -- $180 ppd. All concepts, all units. Student & teacher pages. Some of the activity sheets are missing, but can be purchased at their website. You would only need readers (easily available at library) & extra activities (although quite a few are present). All manipulatives for science included. Very good used condition. Retails for over $400+shipping. Teacher's Quest and Student's Quest Guide: Newton at the Center, Grs. $50ppd. New condition. This is multidisciplinary curriculum that goes w. Joy Hakim Story of Science by Johns Hopkins University.



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    This is all four concepts, student pages and teacher manuals. Eight books total. The accompanying readers are not included. Everything is in practically new condition. This retails for $257. I'm asking $175 with Priority Postage paid. Thanks!



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    Notgrass American History and Geography curriculum for Middle Schoolers (ages 10-14). This is the complete curriculum package that retails for $99 +shipping


  5. I rented it from Netflix but couldn't bring myself to watch it :P I read the book, so I kinda knew how it would go. My dh saw it (he's in Korea) & told me it was sad.
  6. It looks like we'll be headed to Albuquerque in March for a year as dh goes to Korea. We'd love info on hs'ing in Albuquerque or hs groups there!
  7. LOL! This is my fear, too. :lol: My dd has already "rearranged" the green cards around the school room. We've just started and it's been GREAT! Although the little round plastic pieces have gone missing and we had to improvise with faux plastic gems from the craft container. LOL. Ds seems to be enjoying it.
  8. I just bought the program. I had a friend buy it a year ago & wished she had bought the magnets. I'm glad I did :)
  9. I agree with Melissa :) We do school mostly in our schoolroom. I used to do it at the dining room table, but the structure and boundaries for a schoolroom work well for us. That said, when we do reading for social studies or science, we sometimes do it before naptime. Too, when ds reads aloud, it can be on the couch, in his room, in the car... LOL.
  10. We're a hs'ing, military family, but not in AL :( We're in CO for the time being, most likely PCSing in the next year.
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