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Gift for pool and dog loving neighbor?


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My neighbor came over and offered me the use of her inground pool this summer. Her kids have all moved out and so it sits beautiful and unused except for the twice a week that she and her husband manage to use it. So we are thrilled to go over there 1-3 times a week to spend the day in her pool. Sometimes we let her dogs out too. I've offered to do her lawncare for her in exchange, bring dinners on her late work nights... but she sincerely does not want us to do that. (She enjoys doing her yardwork and is a picky eater.)


But I feel like I should at least maybe give a couple nice gift baskets in appreciation. A pool membership would be nearly a thousand dollars for my family size. Pay to enter pools would be $60 a trip. So being able to use her huge pool is a major generosity on her part to people she really hardly knows.


But I'm drawing a blank on what to put in the basket. They love their dogs, her husband travels a lot and in his spare time likes to write. They have three growing and moved out children, but no grandchildren.


I thought maybe a gift cert to a pool supply place, but would that come off as implying I think her pool isn't clean enough or something?


I was sorta envisioning a backyard themed basket and putting some of my husbands home-brew beer in it, some fancy pints of ice cream, maybe some stuff for grilling bc he does a lot of that in the weekend, and 3-4 $10-20 gift cards attached to something to decorate the yard with since she likes doing that.


Suggestions for items or gift cards very much welcomed!

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How nice of them!


Definitely not a pool supply gift certificate, I think. 


I love the idea of a backyard-themed basket, though. I like your ideas of grilling supplies (seasonings, maybe?), ice cream, and beer. Maybe some fancy pop / soda or gourmet sausages? You could put it some special treats, cookies, or toys for the dogs.


I don't think I'd buy her a yard decoration unless you're sure it's something she would like. She might feel obligated to display it. Maybe a gift certificate to a garden decor catalog? Something like Toscano

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Gift certificate to local butcher for meat to grill?

Spice rubs

Barbecue sauce (something different/fun)

Some outdoor dining supplies (plastic cups/pitcher/etc)

Cool gel doggy bed thing (they sell them on amazon) for the pups to be able to lay on the patio but not get overheated

cooling doggy bandana

homemade or doggy bakery special dog biscuits

pool toys for the dogs (if the dogs swim)

gift certificate to gardening catalog place

magazine subscription (maybe a local gardening one? Or a dog one?)


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Alrighty. I got a dozen buntlets from All Abunt Cakes, 4 cupcakes for the pups. I arranged the mini buntlets into a tiered cake platter I made from Fourth of July plates at the dollar store and stuck gifts cards with mini streamers on them from a steak house, pool supply place, warren movies, and an ice cream parlour. She seemed to like it and I know she was excited about the dog treats because she gave them each one right away.

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