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Help! College & Careers (??)

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Hello everybody,

Thank you in advanced :)


Has anybody used a test, book, other resource to help your high schooler to decide what job would be a good fit for them (and with that in mind what college major to choose)? If you have, and thought it was helpful, please share what you used. I need help!!


My oldest child knew from very young what she wanted to do when she grew up, she has a plan and is doing great in college, but my soon to be Junior in high school has not clue what she wants to do or what she wants to study in college.


She is good in science and math. She has enjoyed Chemistry, and Earth Science best so far. She loves reading. She is a great artist--oil painting. She HATES writing, although she can write well. She is very smart and curious about everything and has high ACT scores. She is an introvert so she would like to live at home and commune to college--although we live in the middle of no where and any decent college is over an hour away :(


Anyway, I wish I could find some kind of survey (test) to help her narrow down what would be good fit for her.


Thank you!

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Just a super-quick thought for a student who excels in Art AND is good with Math/Science -- perhaps Scientific Illustration or Medical Illustration as a career? Or perhaps a landscape architect? Or work in a digital arts area (digital image creation (2-D), animation (3-D), website design, photography, filmmaking...)?


Check out the bottom of post #5 of the big pinned thread at the top of this High School Board: "Transcripts, Credits, NCAA, College Applications, 1st Time at College, Scholarships/Financial Aid, Career Exploration -- past threads linked here!" -- lots of linked threads on Career Exploration and Career Tests.


Just to get you started, you might try the FREE Interest Profiler test at the California Career Zone website, and then use the 3-letter code of your top 3 interest areas that are the result of your test and go to the "Quick Assessment" option, and plug in those 3 letters to come up with a list of occupations to explore. Many have videos or links with more info. Also check out the New York Career Zone's "Assess Yourself" option for additional ideas of occupations that match your "interest code".


Also, check out the FREE Career Cluster interest survey and then use those results to explore possible occupations.


The US Bureau of Labor's free Occupational Outlook Handbook website is also very helpful for exploring careers -- what you need as far as training/education, but also what future growth (or decline) of various fields looks like.


You can also try out the (overwhelmingly huge!) O-Net website from the US Department of Labor. Here's their FREE Interest Profiler.

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I had my then-16 yo do YouScience.  I thought it did a great job of matching her aptitudes, both academic and otherwise.  It was about $35 or so at the time and worth every penny.  It lets you sort suggested careers by the amount of education required to qualify for them, e.g., 2-year degree, 4-year, etc., and includes information on average salaries.  One thing I appreciated was that it looks at factors besides academic aptitude, such as the level of social interaction you'll want on the job.  

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