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  1. My son looks like my brother, and both of them look like my father. I used to look look like my father too, but now that I am middle age I look like my mother, go figure.
  2. I am a bit younger than you and I am in no way an exercise expert. I have just started exercising daily this last two months (encouraged by someone here on this board). I like walking, but as I am not leaving my house/property --due mostly to the fact that people do not were masks here--I have been using low impact exercise videos from you tube. I really like Lucy Wyndham: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCag7XoiJLutjBTsM0tAzUzg because she demonstrates every move before I have to do it. I would like to find more exercise instructors like her. I would highly recommend her videos to
  3. I have not seen a thread for this month yet, so..... I am slowly plotting a long with Duolingo French (December was not a good month). I found a resource for those of you studying Spanish: https://www.ellibrototal.com/ltotal/?fbclid=IwAR1B4jCe8qEtuUEhIoUfrDDNcs9lQoc77-zjyIQ-w2FhfX70uV3OMjLwxAM You may already have this resource so disregard it if it is old news. It has audiobooks (different age groups) and I thought it would be helpful to someone. Is there a thread just to post resources for each language?
  4. Compared to 911 not working (I know there is a new number we are supposed to use in case of an emergency, so that is good), and people not being able to get their prescriptions because of a lack of cash, this is not a biggie, but cash only in our small local market until AT@T is back online (cashier also mentioned they can't order new inventory). I am finding this act of terrorism a bit strange mostly because I would not expect Nashville to be a target... I have not seen many updates (maybe the news tonight will shine some light).
  5. I am Catalan/Spanish and in my cultures many boy names can be made into a girl names. So Jose will become Josefa, Francisco will be Francisca, Mario will be Maria, etc. Many boys have the Maria part too (being Catholic and all) so Jose Maria for a boy and Maria Jose for a girl. Family names can go to either gender (at least in my family). I have a cousin name Alberta (Berta for short) because her father's name is Alberto; and many Joses and Josefas, and Antonios and Antonias 🙂
  6. I have family in Nashville (not downtown) and I live 40 minutes from Nashville. 911 went down in our county too. Family in Kentucky were affected as well when ATT went down....The whole thing is so bizarre. I hope the tissue is not human.
  7. I make folders in my browser. Every so often I clean up: Subdivide them into new topic folders or deled them if they are not relevant any longer.
  8. That is how I would feel if I had to learn more than one language at a time! I am in awe of many people in this post who are learning multiple languages at the same time. I am mildly dyslexic and my brain doesn't work that way. My hat off to you ladies! Anyway, if you like sci-fi I just thought of another Netflix movie in Spanish you can add to your list if you have not watched it yet: Orbiter 9 (I have not watched it yet, but someone recommended it to me and it is on my list).
  9. Sorry, I don't know where you can watch the next season of Merlí with Spanish subtitles (I am assuming you tried Youtube--I saw episodes posted there but I don't know what season they belong to). I tried googling it (Merlí amb subtítols en castellà + temporada 2) and I all I got this message: "this content is not available in your country." I googled "Portuguese movies on Netflix" and there was a ton: https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/library/list-of-portuguese-movies-tv-series-on-netflix/ but I have not watched any of them, so I can't recommend them 😉
  10. Merlí Invisible Guardian is in Castilian Spanish, set in the Basque Country, and it is based on popular books (at least they are popular in Spain). It is not the same quality of Roma (didn't this movie win some award?), but for a Spanish movie it is pretty good. If I recollect other good Spanish movies I have watched I will let you know 🙂 I hope someone responds with good Portuguese movies for you.
  11. Hola Matryoshka, You asked for Portuguese, and I can't help with that 🙂 But you mentioned your children speak Catalan and I have just started to watch a Netflix series in Catalan so I thought I would share: "Welcome to the Family" ( you can watch it in Spanish too)--I just have started watchin it, and it is pretty funny. and for your Spanish--Spanish Series I have recently watch (or plan to watch soon): "The Invisible Guardian" trilogy--I enjoyed all three. "Boy Missing" --in my list to watch Spanish Movies I have enjoyed : Mirage A Sort of Family (
  12. Salut Quill! I am doing French on Duolingo too. You must be ahead of me because I have not yet learned "Joyeux" although I can guess what it means 🙂 I wish I could help you understand the hearts and and gems thingy, mais je ne peux pas. I am doing the computer (individual--not competing with anybody to get to the next level-Gem) version and I only have lingots and crowns. I can't believe they take Hearts away when you make a mistake! I make mistakes all the time (mostly spelling--but I have started keeping a paper handy when doing the lessons, so I can write down the most pesky
  13. Me too. This pandemic is doing a number on my mental health. I was very active in our homeschool co-op group, and taught tutorial classes. No more. Covid hit I am staying home ( I have only left my property three times since last March, as I have some health issues that put me at risk). I miss teaching classes, but I have no idea if I want to go back to teaching in a school full time. Some times I feel like a boat adrift in the ocean. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. Keep strong.
  14. I feel your pain. I had (and am still having) a hard time letting go of my adult children. My oldest moved out completely six months ago. Although she had come back to do online graduate school ( because of covid), last semester she decided to move closer to the hospitals where she has to spend several days a week. She is engaged and will be getting married next October, so she is not coming back. Second child came back when covid hit and is doing online college but I am expecting her to move out as soon as it is safe to go back to campus. My youngest is a high school senior app
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