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  1. Your children are still young, so I think that if you start surrounding them in a "Spanish" environment they would pick it up pretty quickly. Your dh should start speaking in Spanish to them and to you; even if he has to repeat himself it in English for a while. Start teaching the children vocabulary while your cook, clean, play board games,etc (so while you are not doing school). Make it fun. Listen to Spanish music (Spotify, Youtube---both native songs and "Songs to learn Spanish for children." Continue with Duolingo, and watch cartoons and movies in Spanish (Netflix has a lot of them). Read
  2. The Romans never conquered the Basc Country (because of its geography)--Think "Asterix and Obelix" if you are familiar with this cartoon. It is my understanding that Euskera is an ancient Indoeuropean languages, but although I have some Basc relatives I do not speak Euskera. I am very happy that your dd likes Catala! I really like Neflix! I wish it had had the diversity of languages it has now when my kids where growing up.
  3. Absolutely. I grew up bilingual (Catala/Castilan in Spain--home, school, tv, radio, etc), but I have relatives and friends with parents from other parts of Europe who also learned a third language while growing up (German and English--because the parent spoke the language at home). It is OK for a child to mix the languages at the beginning, they will eventually learn what is what and who speaks what. I learned English in school starting in the 7th grade and I am fluent now but speak with an slight accent. It is better to start early.
  4. If you have not watched "Extra En Espanol" or "Destinos: https://www.learner.org/series/destinos-an-introduction-to-spanish/ yet, I would start there. General Information: http://www.openculture.com/free_spanish_lessons https://ideasparalaclase.com/espanol-para-extranjeros/ Some sites with short videos, or audio to improve listening comprehension: http://www.videoele.com/menu-A1.html https://hablacultura.com/canal-multimedia/ https://www.studyspanishlanguage.org/spanish-conversation-for-beginners.html http://www.watchknowlearn.org/Category.aspx?Categ
  5. I second Netflix. By the way, Catalan and Gallego are not dialects 😉.They are languages, that like Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian come from Latin. I am from Spain and speak both Catalan and Castilian Spanish. There are four languages spoken in Spain: Castilian, Catalan, Gallego and Euskera.
  6. She found you explanation very helpful! Thank you ?
  7. The page doesn't exist when I click the link. I will check the Table of Contents in our book instead of the index. We also have the Steward book so I will look for it there too. My daughter is in chapter 2 so there must be a different way to solve it... Thank you for pointing us the right way!
  8. Yes there should be parenthesis ? I will go back and correct it. I checked the index in the book for "L'Hospital" and couldn't find the term. I will try to google it. How would you do it? Thank you!
  9. We do ? We are using: Calculus of a Single Variable (8e) by Larson, Hostertler and Edwards I found a "Syllabus" online from a high school teacher and I adapted it (cut the number of problems to 30-35). You are welcome to use the one I created. Just let me know if you want it, and I will pm you with it.
  10. My dd is learning Calculus using Larson (w/Dana Mosley's instruction DVDs). She is pretty good at figuring out where she made a mistake using the solutions manual. She can't figure out this one: lim (x®0) [ 1-cos x] /sin x = lim (x®0) [x/sin x] [1-cos x/x] = (1)(0)= 0 She thinks it should be undefined : [0/0] [(1-1)/0] = unidefined I can't always help her when she gets stuck as it has been 30 years since I last did calculus in college ? Anyway, do you have a website where she could go to ask for help? or if someone is good at this can you pl
  11. We haven't gotten a letter yet, but I called their office today and dd has qualified ? They said that if we don't get a letter by October 1st to call back for a replacement letter. If anybody else is awaiting confirmation, you may want to call them: 866-545-8467 Congratulations to all the Hispanic children who qualified!!
  12. This is the 2018 list that was posted in College Confidential (verified by the poster): University of Alabama at Birmingham-tuition for 8 semesters-first year of freshman dorms-a $1000 technology scholarshipa $2500 experimental learning stipend (traveling, etc...)---just be accepted and then email copies of certificate and notification letter from Collegeboard.University of Arizona-$25,000, can vary-automatic admission to honorsArizona StateNEW AMERICAN UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP-tuition covered (including out of state, around $26,000 a year)-Scholars get to apply later to Barrett Honors Col
  13. I am not too concerned, just waiting. My oldest got National Hispanic Scholar four years ago. This second child was invited to apply and we did. The invitation said they would send notifications in September. It is my understanding that if a student has the PSAT scores, applies, and he/she is of Hispanic heritage it is a given they will receive the honor. I just checked College Confidential again, and the latest posting (today) said College Board was planning to send notices next week. College Confidential also has lists of schools with generous scholarships for National Hispa
  14. Congratulations! We are waiting for ours (my daughter's) ? Someone on the CollegeConfidential board posted that they had called the College Board, and they had been told that notices would not be sent until the end of September...
  15. I was just in the K-8 board One of the moms is sharing what she put together (readers + movies to go with it+ a syllabus): the readers are for younger kids but the movies would be good for high school too. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15sG2o19RlWLEo7sa1k4Bw_43xe5mjQPOK4Og1Dr0Tr4/edit
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