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  1. Activities my family has enjoyed in Nashville: Everything mentioned + Tennessee State Museum (First people until 20 th century). If you are into American History: Fort Nashborough, The Hermitage, Fort Negley. We also liked the Lane Motor Museum.
  2. I am so sorry. I know how debilitating migraines can be. I take prescription medication for mine. Over the counter stuff stopped working for me. Taking magnesium everyday has decreased the number of migraine I have. With everything you said on your post, my advice for you is to make an appointment with your doctor, as 10 days is a long time to have a migraine. I hope you get relieve soon.
  3. I just finished a thriller by Rosie Welch (The Love of My Life). First time reading one of her books. I enjoyed it, so I am going to look for more Kindle books by her at my library next 🙃
  4. Thank you! I have been crocheting for a while, but when I started I also had trouble with tension so I made myself a "Tension Regulator" and used that for a while (I just did a quick search and I am including a YouTube video--There are many). There are also "Tension Rings" you can buy (Amazon, Etsy, etc...) that are supposed to help with tension too. I have never used one. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Crocheting can become addictive, so watch out!
  5. There are so many talented people in this forum! Although I am not very active here, I enjoy seeing everybody's projects each month. A few things I have finished: I crocheted Hats and Cowl sets for some of my extended family for Christmas (I made four, but I only took pictures of two...Christmas time tends to be a bit crazy around here). I finished two sweaters for myself. I had some leftover yarn from other projects and I crocheted the striped one to go over leggings. I am thinking about modifying the front of the open cardigan (crossing over and adding buttons). Right now I am working on a little hoodie as a baby shower present (will post pictures when done).
  6. Yes, thank you for asking 😊 with meds an a few weeks of rest I am back to normal. My insurance lets me talk to a nurse first if i am not sure if i need an appointment with the doctor...if you are not sure, can you something similar? I would recommend going to the doctor if your symptoms do not go away. I hope you feel better soon. Edit: I did go ahead and got the pneumonia vaccine after my recovery.
  7. After several weeks with a cough (no fever, or at least not high enough for me to notice. I have bad allergies so I am tired all the time); A spot on my upper chest started to hurt when breathing deeply. It was weeks of coughing before it started hurting. Doctor told me to come sooner next time a cough doesn't go away for weeks.
  8. A month and a half ago, what I thought was a cough lingering after a cold turned out to be pneumonia.
  9. These are done (one for each of my two daughters). Now I am working on one for me.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers of peace and comfort for you and your family.
  11. Ruth. I am Catalan-Spanish and the way we pronounce this name is very closed to the word "Burp" in Catalan, so my grandmother convinced my mom to name me something else. I am very glad she did.
  12. I finished two outfits for the doll I made last month, and I finished the crochet toddler blanket too. I am crocheting hats, cowls and scarfs, as x-mas presents now.
  13. "Two ingredients in particular, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone, also known as the “itchy Ms”, are often the culprit behind an itchy scalp. You may also be allergic or sensitive to something else in your products if those aren't present.." quote from Naturally Curly. I avoid products with the " ichy M's" because the bother my scalp. I don't follow the Curly Girl Method 100% but I use CG approved products for my curls (avoiding different chemicals, waxes, alcohols, etc). You can use https://www.curlsbot.com/ or http://www.isitcg.com/ to check ingredients. There are many blogs with lists of CG approved products-- many work for straight hair too (for all budgets). We love Tresseme Botanique conditioner at our house. We use Love Beauty and Planet bar shampoo and love it too. Both are drug store products, and both are "clean" products. I have found many affordable, "clean" hair products at Walmart\Target that will not make scalps ich. Not Your Mother, Sheamoisture are a few. Good luck.
  14. I am sorry you are not doing well. I agree with previous poster that you should go to the ER. Praying.
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