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College interviews


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If your child applied to schools that recommended interviews,when did they do them?


Ds is applying to only state Us, but one smaller one recommends an interview. He was there for spring open house.I assume you schedule interview in the fall of senior year? He wants to apply early.


He's going to email & ask, but I wanted to ask here first.

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Middle one did an interview at a local state school, just for practice.  Other than that, mine only interviewed at their first choice colleges and they did it on the second visit, either at the very end of spring junior year or early fall of senior year.  They each only had one college they really wanted to go to, which made it easy.  During the interview, they made it plain to the college that if they were accepted, they would come.  I think that helped them to be accepted.  At that point, the colleges worked with them to make sure they had what they needed, including having oldest take a refresher math class.  Youngest's even told him not to do extra testing, when he asked.  None of these schools were super hard to get into.  None of them made any mystery about the application process. We felt like they were trying to get what they needed to accept them, since they wanted so much to come, rather than find reasons to eliminate them.  Ditto with the financing.



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My son did all of his in the fall of his senior year, after college visits. He didn't want to do them until after he visited and was sure he was applying. All of his colleges that did interviews came to the big city near us for interviews.

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Some schools will begin interviews in summer and have a very full schedule by fall so you might want to double check. Wake was this way. DD interviewed over the summer.

Good point,

He wanted to go in the fall so he could sit in on a few classes, but his fall course load is pretty heavy.

Summer may be better.


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