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Dark Undereye Circles/Puffiness


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A great concealer and a really awesome brush for making it look natural.


Part of it is just age- thinning skin, more veins show. Plus that awesome insomnia that hits so many women in a certain age bracket. Oy.


I've tried so many products and nothing really works. Rosewater helps a little bit but I've got industrial strength dark circles so it doesn't make enough difference. I have a small fluffy brush- like a good eye shadow blending brush. I put a tiny dot of primer and a tiny dot of a good cream concealer. I swipe it in a triangle under my eyes and even along my nose cause I am dark there.

Oh a good matte cream shadow in a concealer color is great for your eyelids if you are dark there. I tried using concealer but it creased.


Sounds like a lot but really it takes me less that 2 minutes (and that's mostly fumbling with caps precoffee) and makes a huge difference.

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If you have allergies you might try a stronger antihistamine. Seasonal allergies can greatly impact under eye circles. In fact, it's the only symptom of allergies my kids have! I thought they weren't getting enough sleep, but according to two docs now, nope. Seasonal allergies.

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