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Dysgraphia update

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We have moved recently and my 12-year-old is in 6th grade in public school.


At our old school he needed resource room to be able to type as needed, and to get help with typing. He was in resource a lot in 5th grade and then much less over the past year.


Now at the new school they say he is typing great and not having any trouble with typing (this is what I have seen at home but it is fairly recent). They have Chromebooks in every class because it is middle school, where his old school was K-6 and only 6th grade used iPads, but they were not used as much as Chromebooks are at this school.


So -- they are removing his IEP but I have a paper from them saying they recommend he uses a Chromebook for all writing that is longer than 2 sentences. But he can do this easily in any class because of the Chromebooks and he is typing well now -- so he doesn't need extra help anymore.


He is doing very well. His improvement in typing and then being able to type in his classes is going a long way for home.


Just a couple of years ago he needed a lot of scribing and oral responses, and also was doing extra typing instruction at school. Now he is typing well and it is going great.

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I'm thrilled for you both, Lecka.   :thumbup1:


Typing really saved my nephew's bacon.  His handwriting is utterly illegible.  Like you can't even tell there are letters.  It is a sea of gobbledygook.  It took him a looooooonnnnnnggggg time to type fluently but it changed his world.  


Marathon, not a sprint.  Tortoise, not hare.  


Hugs and best wishes.

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