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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I think the damaged chimney pipe (too much heavy snow) just fell off the roof. I just heard a crash. I left dh a note. Nothing to do about it now. 


The whole pipe? Maybe it was the spark arrestor? This happened to us once but we could still use the woodstove. Is it wicked cold where you are?


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Good morning!  We all helped DH run the Little League fundraiser yesterday, working 12 hours in the snack bar.  Ugh am I exhausted.



-make breakfast for family

-talk to oldest about his huge English paper and upcoming due dates (this will be like talking to a brick wall.  In a foreign language)

-make sure oldest washed his baseball pants (I just know he didn't....)

-baseball game for oldest

-laundry for youngest

-make sure oldest washes his school uniforms for the week

-plan school for the week


-make dinner (roast beef, noodles, gravy and a salad)

-watch Homeland and Big Little Lies tonight

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Good morning!


•tidy house

•empty garbage cans

•clean bathrooms

•place dog and cat food order for April

•clean out hay boxes

•order shoes for ds


•dinner=egg sandwiches, bacon, grits

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Sunday school


Drove to an "open house" that wasn't (a friend must have had the date wrong)

Quick stops - bank, gas, grocery

Kids' work



I'm having a hard time getting into this thing I promised to get out today.  It should not be difficult.  Why can't I just get the dang thing done ....  Probably because that means sending it to a person who will then want to confer over it (with me) for the next 10 hours....

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