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Electives for a child who wants to be a Nurse

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So, I have a DD who will be in 9th grade next year. She has the hope of becoming a nurse "when she grows up." Are there any electives you'd recommend that would help prepare her? I figure since she's homeschooled we might as well take advantage of an opportunity. I just have no clue, other than the obvious Anatomy and Physiology, but I figure that should probably come after Biology.


Thank you so much!!

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Latin, if you're not already studying it.

Health and kinesiology, maybe

Psychology or Sociology

Weight lifting (I only partially jest, nurses help move patients and they need to be strong enough to do it, especially since a lot of them are likely to be obese)

something she can continue as a way to de-stress after work, like music, drawing or yoga?


Volunteer at local hospitals or hospices, so she can see what it's like in an actual clinical setting. 

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Depending on where you live, if you already don't know a second language. Pick one that is the second most common language to your area. 


In Ontario if you want to become a nurse or teacher and know French you usually get hired immediately. Not nursing, but for teaching if you are fluent in French you get a full time job immediately when you get out of school. If you don't it usually takes 8 years to get a full time job. 


Also take special medical language courses, as in one that focuses on words in the foreign language that will often come up in a medical setting. 

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Besides electives, I just wanna drop in to say solid algebra skills. My developmental algebra classes are full of people who want to be nurses and a lot of them don't make it because the math holds them back. :/ I'd also recommend some exposure to statistics as it's often required for a nursing major. 


Electives: The CNA class is a cool first start and also it's a solid job if she decides not to go to college right away. Nursing homes are usually short on weekends so if she wants to work weekends only during college they'd probably be delighted to have her. First Aid would be another good one. Also make sure she can type. 


In the humanities, psychology, sociology, other behavioral sciences. Also oral communication, nonverbal communication. 


In languages, a second language, spanish in most parts of the US. 

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