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  1. My children have done BYU IS. It is very much here’s the book (often there’s no book, just stuff to read online), here’s the assignments, now do it. If that’s what your kids will work well with then it’s probably good. I have a couple who can do that, but I also have a couple who can’t. For the language classes, they do have conversation cafe which allows the students to work with someone via a zoom type experience. This is good for practicing the language, and I highly recommend they take advantage of it to the fullest if doing a language class. Hope that helps! -Lisa
  2. We didn't do the DVD route, but we did do the online route with paper tests and quizzes rather than the online versions. I didn't have the TM and didn't miss it. I just used the digital copies. Hope that helps.
  3. We are like 8FillTheHeart. No cell phones. They purchase their own phone usually around the second half of their senior year. We do have a “kids” phone for dances, babysitting, when they are driving somewhere, etc. Having said that, they do have iPods which they use to text friends. They typically have them during the day (if they remember to get them from my room where they’re parked overnight) as they use the calendar and reminders on them. However, they know if I see them excessively, they’ll be mine which really means if I see them. They’ve been pretty good about it and it
  4. The only thought I have is that it really depends on what your goals are and what strengths/weaknesses you are hoping to improve upon. That's what I would look at as I determine what class to choose. I actually have two dc currently in TPS English 3: Lit Survey. One will move to English 4/5: Advanced Comp next year while the other one will move to English 4/5: Western Lit. In our case, this is totally based on the needs of the child, and our desire for a certain teacher that we have previous experience with. -Lisa
  5. They only scan the tests and submit them to the teacher for grading. Once they've completed the homework, they grade it on their own (the answer key is provided) and then answer a "poll" on whether or not they completed it. It is basically an honor system. For Algebra 2, TPS uses a Pearson textbook. Here's a link to one: https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/high-school-math-2011-algebra-2-student-edition/306123/?mkwid=sX2e1aPQO|dc&pcrid=70112897472&pkw=&pmt=&plc=&pgrid=21329102112&ptaid=pla-366084668232&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5-K3_PbH4AIVwgOGCh0
  6. She actually is currently in English 3 with TPS. She will continue on with them probably to English 4: Western Lit and then AP Lang. Haven't decided beyond that as she will have one more year. I do have another dd who started with English 4 with TPS after doing their summer Advanced Comp class. She did two years of English 4 - different classes (this was before they had English 5/6, etc.). She then went on to AP Lang with TPS. Hope that helps! -Lisa
  7. I have two dc taking math (Alg 2 this year) with TPS. They don't find the tablet to be cumbersome at all. For them, it writes very clearly. Someone on the boards here recommended the felt nibs which they felt wrote better, felt more like a real pen, and also protected the tablet more so I did get those. As Rebecca said above, the tablet is only used during class. The homework and tests are done on paper at home. Hope that helps! -Lisa
  8. I totally understand! I really struggled with making my dd do the placement test, but I'm glad I relented. -Lisa
  9. We did. Long story. A little background. My dd is ahead so that complicates things. Her brother is two years ahead in school but she does all the same stuff as him. So, when he started TPS in Writing Fundamentals 5, I wanted her to start too. They would let her - too young. So, she waited. The next year, she took Writing Fundamentals 5 and the year after Writing Fundamentals 6. I was stubborn and didn’t want to deal with the placement test to get her where I wanted her. In addition, I discussed it with the teachers and they weren’t too keen on her skipping. The next year, she too
  10. My son took this last year. He really liked the course and got a 4 on the exam. He said he felt the class was well organized and he learned a fair amount.
  11. My ds took this class. It was well organized and he really enjoyed it. He learned some new stuff and reinforced some he already knew. Too bad we have yet to get his AP scores. ?
  12. That’s a thought, but they already have computers that they use for their online classes. Consequently, it probably wouldn’t be worth the additional expense. Thanks for the idea, though.
  13. Jann in TX, thank you! This info is very helpful. May I ask where you get the felt nibs? Thank you again!
  14. Arcadia, thank you for the link. That was helpful. Lanny, thanks for the info. For what it’s worth, I contacted the teacher, and she said they use it daily. Guess I’m spending $$$ on two tablets since I have two kids in the same class and section. ? Thank you for your help!!
  15. Has anyone used one of these for a math or other class? I'd love some information on what worked, what didn't, recommendations, etc. We specifically need it for Algebra 2 with TPS. They have their recommended brand, but say we can go with whatever. I have major techie geeks in my house so making something work will not be an issue. Thank you so much for your input!
  16. I have a dd in the local public school. I asked them if my other dd (who was homeschooled, now in college) could take the PSAT there, they said no. I called another school, in the same district, and was told sure. We’ve done all our testing, PSAT, ACT, and AP at this other school for our homeschoolers. They are very accommodating. Crazy that the school where I have a child attending won’t be accommodating. Call other schools around!
  17. Thank you and thank you for the info on the essays. That’s helpful.
  18. I’ve experienced the same thing as another dd took AP Calc the year it was revised, which corresponds to the date on the AP launch page. I also found this, which is somewhat misleading. I think this is just revisions to the description, not the test itself. http://teachinghighschoolpsychology.blogspot.com/2013/05/changes-in-new-ap-psych-course.html This will definitely be an interesting and hard class for my dd. She has not taken any APs yet, and I’ll have to be sure that her essays are up to AP standards. I guess maybe I can elicit the help of my college sophomore who took
  19. I was going based on this page. Down towards the bottom, it has the course description with a date of 2014. I did look at the launch page and was confused because of the 2014 date on the page below. I guess we shall see how it goes. Thank you for your help! https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-psychology/exam
  20. Freesia, did you use an AP prep book as well? If so, which one. Thanks!
  21. Freesia, were you concerned that the Sunlight curriculum is an older curriculum, older than the latest revision of the Psych exam? I know the book is a 2014 book, but do you feel that the curriculum adequately addressed any updates? I contacted Sonlight to ask them, and got a little information, but I thought I'd check with you since you actually have the curriculum. Thank you so much for your help! -Lisa
  22. Freesia, I am not set on online and Christian commentary is fine. How did you handle the essay portion )or what would be the FRQs for the class)? Were you able to grade these with the information given? How did your ds score or was it taken this year? I realize every child is different, but looking for how this content fares, if you know what I mean. Thank you for the input! -Lisa
  23. I’m sure this has been discussed on here somewhere, but the search function is not being nice to me. ?. I can’t find anything! I’m looking for AP Psych reviews from anyone who’s dc have taken it. Anywhere! PAH is a top choice, but I’m open to suggestions. I’m especially looking for info from those who had younger students. My dd is 13. She’s been doing high school level work for a year and writes well so I’m not worried there. I’m more worried about reception by the instructor and getting into the class. Thank you so much for any info!! Lisa
  24. My son says an hour a day, five days a week, including class. This included research and coding projects and stuff on code.org which included some reading and videos. There were also two short papers and the performance tasks for the actual test. Sorry if this is a little random. It’s what I was able to get out of him. ?
  25. My son took this class with PAH this year. The class was well organized with weekly class meetings and assignments. My son needs an organized environment in order to survive so this was very beneficial for him. He enjoyed the class and felt well prepared for the exam which he took the week before last. Hope this helps!
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