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Is there a high school program for ancient greek?

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We have a college grad who will be teaching ancient Greek to a small group of high schoolers. Her degree is in classics, so she herself has taken plenty of college level Greek. But she doesn't know of a high school level curriculum that would give her a skeleton or framework for her class.

Does anyone know of a program? Or have used one? Not online, just workbook or textbook aimed at high school level.

Thank you!

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Seconding Athenaze. The textbooks and workbooks cover the first two years of high school Attic Greek, and there are lots of supplementary resources online, like vocab cards. Balme and Lawall are also the authors of two popular high school Latin programs (Oxford and Ecce Romani, respectively).

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Is there only one Elementary Greek text on Amazon?


There are samples of each level on the Memoria Press website. If you are looking for high school level classical Greek, though, you should be aware that Elementary Greek is Biblical Greek (koine), not classical, and it's designed for elementary grades. According to the author, all three volumes together are not really equivalent to one HS credit. She has posted on this forum:


Technically, I suppose, since it covers the content of half a college course, you could award one high school credit for EG 1-3. Personally,  I'd feel more comfortable awarding half a credit for covering EG as written, or beefing it up slightly to award the full credit. The easiest way I've found so far to intensify the work in EG would be to assign additional translation exercises from a book like J.A.C.T.'s New Testament Greek: A Reader. This particular reader is heavily glossed and perfectly accessible to a fairly new student of Greek.

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