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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Morning everyone! So glad it's Friday. 



•got dh out the door early for a meeting

•fed dogs, cats, and horses

•1 load laundry

•tidied up main floor and cleaned bathroom


To do:

•spend 1-2 hours prepping and cooking food for the next few days

•spend an hour tackling my to-do basket in my office


•return a friend's email & set up lunch date

•dust upstairs

•put new batteries in hayshed lantern

•place a Zappos order for me & kids

•dinner=stuffed cod & sweet potato fries

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I have had a week!  I'm so glad it's friday!


to target - grey tank top?


fabric store

11am meeting

help friend with baby stuff

pick up dd

to hair appt

pick up ds

pick up something for dinner

get ready for big fancy air force shindig

enjoy the evening!

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I am SO glad it's Friday!  I have had conference calls every day this week!  I feel about 10 years older!  :P


I woke up to the realization that I made a really stupid mistake which I had to admit to about 10 people - bankers, borrowers, auditors.  UGH.  Thankfully this does not happen often.


Today my main goal is to get caught up on some work.  Later we'll go out to dinner and watch some old shows.

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Morning, all!


Trying to get some errands done before this "big storm" hits.  In California, that could mean sprinkles to flash floods...


To do:

Art store:  I signed for a class this weekend and didn't check the extensive supply list.  







Have a great day!

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Had a particularly tough night due to health stuff.  I'm just not getting stuff done today. 


Human care done though I wouldn't win any beauty prizes today. 

Pet care done

Medical care done

Helped with algebra. Sort of.  I was able to get the right answers but I'm a bit fuzzy on why it worked and that's not the best when you're trying to teach it. 

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