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stupid vent of the day


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Remember my vent about purging and then my son needed 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper for school and I had just gotten rid of a bunch of it?


Well, I HAD the small 7x7 sheets, but the teacher specifically asked for 12x12, and I figured she was doing something with photos of the class or something, so I went out and bought them.


THIS is what they were making:





The 7x7 would have been perfect AND I could have purged and gotten something useful in return.


Now I have a stack of new 12x12 that I don't need.


See, told you this was a stupid vent.  This is so minor, but in cleaning up today it just bugged me.



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I'd donate the leftover 12 x 12 stuff to the school. Otherwise it would irk me every time that I saw it. Hopefully they'd have some future project they could use it for.


Erica in OR


And if I had known and still wanted or needed to buy, I would have bought what I wanted to look great in our living room.  There was a really beautiful black and white different patterns paper.  


Instead I bought travel......maps, golden gate bridge, camping pictures in the background.  They are doing 2 trips this year and I thought this was for a scrapbook of some sort.


I am a teacher and plan to do some more crafty type activities next semester so I can use the rest.  

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