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  1. Thank you! I actually realized that I have Avancemos 1A and 1B - I also have an 11 and a 13 year old. I took Spanish in high school and college and I'm pretty sure I remember enough to be able to do this.
  2. Can someone tell me what I would need to buy for Avancemos 1? My DS will be in 10th grade this year. I know a little bit of Spanish and I'm happy to help him ..... Should I buy a physical copy of the textbook for him and the 1 year online access? I do think he would do best with a physical workbook. So I would need to buy one or I don't mind printing it.
  3. Thanks everyone. I have a message in to my doctor.
  4. I've taken Thyroid meds for many years for Hypothyroidism. I feel the best when I take Armour Thyroid. A little while ago, my insurance decided not to cover Armour any more. They switched me to NP Thyroid. I don't recall the exact day I switched. Anyway. I recently started having some weird symptoms .... of course, Dr. Google has me convinced I have something very scary. Then I realized that I had switched that thyroid medication around the same time the symptoms started. The weird symptoms - a strange, jittery feeling and heat intolerance. Now, I've never been once to enjoy hot weather, but this has been extreme. Also, the jittery feeling - I do struggle with anxiety and I am crazy stressed right now, so I was assuming it was that. My question - if I switch back to Armour, how long would it be before I started seeing the side effects go away? Assuming the side effects are due to the NP Thyroid, that is? A couple of days? Weeks?
  5. We have a touchpad one by Schlage. Love it. LOVE it. No more digging for my keys, then dropping the keys while I have a million other things in my hands. If I leave the house and I'm not sure if I locked the door, I can check the app on my phone!!! Did I mention how much I love this thing?
  6. I am a die-hard cat person. But cats in general are jerks.
  7. Me!!! I’m 48 and I keep wondering when I’ll be an adult.
  8. Yup. I’m really trying not to go back to pre-pandemic levels of activity.
  9. Our state's mask mandate says that if you're fully vaccinated, masks are optional. Our state is right at 50% for the vaccine rate. That being said, I'd guess that about a quarter of the people I see out and about still wear masks.
  10. My 14 year old got sick a few weeks ago. I was so disoriented!!!! What do I do? No one has been sick in this house for over a year!!!! It was almost comical. strep, COVID, and mono tests were all negative. So it was just a cold.
  11. If anyone know which book this is in, I'd love to know. I tried to do a quick search, but wasn't able to find much.
  12. I grew up going to public schools in FL. I graduated from high school in 1991. I had never heard of this until this year.
  13. I'm thinking about doing the 3 month subscription on the DDP Yoga app. Tell me about your experience with it, please. I really need something to get excited about doing. It would be great to lose weight, but I really need to focus on being more active and getting in better shape.
  14. My mom has IBS and had both Pfizer doses. She had zero symptoms other than a sore arm.
  15. Yes. I didn't include all the details in my post. She has had anxiety and suspected OCD for many years. She was also adopted from China at 21 months old. She isn't restricting food due to wanting to lose weight or thinking she's overweight. She's doing it because her OCD thinks she needs to save food so that we don't run out. Or save food so that someone else can have more. She was doing really well and came off her anxiety meds in late 2019. Then Covid hit ...... That sent her back into a hard place.
  16. Thank you. We are seeing the Pediatrician this Thursday. Kiddo is still losing weight because she is restricting her food. I thought it was her OCD latching on to needing to save food so we don't run out. But I think it's wise to rule out PANS/PANDAS.
  17. Long story, but how do I ask our Pediatrician to rule out PANS/PANDAS? My 13 year old does have a history of Anxiety/OCD, but last summer, she had been doing so well and Covid just sent her back into a pretty bad place.
  18. My DH has been working from home 100% of the time since March 2020. He works in our bedroom, which is directly above our living room. Our upstairs floors are creaky and he paces when he's on calls. It drives me INSANE. Plus, he'll just show up downstairs randomly all freaking day long. I'm an off the charts introvert and all these people in my house are seriously making me nuts.
  19. We are in the same exact boat. We have backed off on looking because the stress is just too much.
  20. The college my son wants to go to requires 3 years of science, in at least 2 different areas, with at least 2 lab experiences.
  21. I have some amazing breathable capris from Columbia!!!!!
  22. I’m going to look into it. My health insurance offers a discount, I think.
  23. I voted that I'm adjacent to it. I haven't been diagnosed or evaluated for ASD. But it wouldn't shock me at all if I was diagnosed. ETA: I hate phone calls. I've always thought maybe it was due to maybe Auditory Processing Disorder (also undiagnosed) or a sensory thing.
  24. Scissors. Any time I need some, I can't find any. But when I don't need them, it's like "Why are there scissors under the dining room table?"
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