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  1. We are in the same exact boat. We have backed off on looking because the stress is just too much.
  2. The college my son wants to go to requires 3 years of science, in at least 2 different areas, with at least 2 lab experiences.
  3. I have some amazing breathable capris from Columbia!!!!!
  4. I’m going to look into it. My health insurance offers a discount, I think.
  5. I voted that I'm adjacent to it. I haven't been diagnosed or evaluated for ASD. But it wouldn't shock me at all if I was diagnosed. ETA: I hate phone calls. I've always thought maybe it was due to maybe Auditory Processing Disorder (also undiagnosed) or a sensory thing.
  6. Scissors. Any time I need some, I can't find any. But when I don't need them, it's like "Why are there scissors under the dining room table?"
  7. My kids will be 6th, 8th, and 10th this coming school year. My oldest and youngest have learning challenges. It’s hard!!!!!!
  8. MD probably has a Vaccine Hunters FB group. Join that and you can find out how to schedule yourself.
  9. Who knows. Cats are jerks. I am a die-hard cat person, but who knows why they do anything?????
  10. Kids, no. Me, yes. ETA: I am SUPREMELY happy to have more daylight. That means my kids can play outside longer. But I am NOT happy about making the shift.
  11. I'm considering using Year 4 next year for my 11 year old. She's very active and loves hands-on things, so I think she might like it. Torchlight may be another one to look at. I like the looks of it, but it's a LOT of books.
  12. I grew up Southern Baptist and now go to a nondenominational church. Doctrinally, it's similar to what I grew up with, but just MUCH more open and relaxed in general.
  13. Although, I currently live in the flight path of a master jet base. When I first visited here when I was dating DH, I was like HOW in the world do people live here? This is insanity! Now, I don't even notice the jet noise. So I suppose it's just what you get used to.
  14. Nope. Negative. No way. Did I mention I wouldn't????
  15. My favorite is the Fat Head Pizza Crust, but that uses Almond Flour and Mozzarella Cheese.
  16. We are actively looking to move right now. In my area, I think things will plateau a bit once Spring hits and more houses are listed. Right now, it’s great for selling, but buying is hard.
  17. As a college professor, I'd want to know. I do read discussion posts, but I miss things sometimes. I have received reports from other students. Usually I say to that student something like this: "Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'll check it out." If I received your email, and then I decided that yes, the other student may have cheated, I'd probably contact the other student and say something like this: "Hi Jane Doe! I noticed that your post on the Too Tough to Die episode was fairly similar to another post. Please redo the assignment on another episode and submit directly to m
  18. It’s the soft tissue inflammation. My arches collapse when I walk. The doc also said that one of my bones near my big toe is a bit shorter than normal, so all of those factors are contributing.
  19. Thank you, everyone!!!! I ordered some of the pads that are sturdier than what I have. Hopefully that will help. I have been staying off my feet today and letting my kids wait on me 🙂 @katilac There is definitely no way I will last 2 weeks! I will give the office a call this week. I mean, if I'm willing to deal with the boot, hopefully he will be OK with that.
  20. I am in agony. It started 2 weeks ago. I saw a Podiatrist 2 days ago and he gave me the little pads to use. It’s not helping much. he said if it isn’t better in 2 weeks, he’d put me in a boot. what else can I try? Ibuprofen takes the edge off the pain, ice doesn’t seem to help.
  21. Make guacamole. Dice it and put it in a burrito or taco or on a salad.
  22. Pretty much everything we used to do, just not as often. When we do go out, we all wear masks and follow social distancing. No one in our house is considered high risk, and we have decided we are OK with the level of risk we are taking. Grocery shopping, eating out at restaurants occasionally, shopping, doctor/dentist/orthodontist appts, therapy appts.
  23. We have a solid wood table from IKEA. It's definitely worn and doesn't look the best. But I love the sticky, dinged, painted-on table. We've had this thing for ...... I don't know ..... over 20 years!!!!!
  24. I've made more decisions: CLE Math 8 Chemistry for the Logic Stage - Elemental Science Build Your Library 6 - American History 2 Language Arts - Mosdos Gold - I'm excited about this! I've always wanted to try it, but the price is too much for me. I found a great deal on a used set!!! Latin/Greek roots from TpT https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Greek-and-Latin-Roots-Sketch-Notes-Book-1-3273969 Spanish - she's currently using Duolingo, we'll switch to something more thorough at some point Horseback Riding lessons Devotion book TGTB Typing (i
  25. I'm a die hard cat person, but cats can be jerks. My cats act weird all the dang time. She could be too cold, too hot, she could smell something (bird, mouse, bug) somewhere, she could be thirsty, hungry, she could be sensing the weather changing or just trying to get your attention. Did I mention cats can be jerks? 😂
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