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What have been your holiday present hits with your kids?


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We bought our kids Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter after they liked the demo at Barnes and Noble mini makerfaire. My kids and husband use the boogie board to write down words when playing Boogle. Better than using up lots of notepads, and no smell compared to white board markers. https://www.amazon.com/Boogie-Board-eWriter-Blue-J32220001/dp/B010HWCEAO/

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Best Huge hit Ever for my DD a couple years ago - concert tickets (to two concerts, one she knew about the other was a surprise) She was rendered speechless and she generally doesn't react much at all when opening gifts.


Other hits: electronics


I'm on my phone so can't see if you have ages of kids posted, so these are just the ones that jump out to me from recent Christmases.


I can't think of any huge misses.


Funny story and now a family phrase that is used year round - when DS was 3 or 4, one of his gifts (stuffed Buzz Lightyear) was wrapped in a microwave box. He unwrapped it and excitedly exclaimed "A mikerwave! WHO got me a mikerwave!?"

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Did you give your kid (s) a present some year that was a huge hit?


As a four year old, my daughter loved receiving her own hot water bottle.  (She'd previously used one of ours.)


If I were to give her one again as a four year old (she's now post-college), I'd give her this one.




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1ds really wanted an orange tabby cat.  (we have allergies).   she gave him stuffed one.  dudeling was not quite two, and decided it was his.  it was going back and forth and was quite entertaining.  I may even have some on video someplace.

a few years later, I gave him a playmobil noah's ark. he loved ships.  noah was one of the few scripture stories he would tolerate. he disappeared after he opened it.  he was running himself a bath to play with it in the tub. (he has a number of ships that will float. dh referred to the bathtub full of ships as "the fleets in".


a few years ago, we gave 1dd money to put towards  a piano.  it meant a lot to her.  (she bought one last month.)

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My aunt crocheted a long 4th Doctor Who scarf for dd. She loved it and wore it to school all season. Of course, now it sits in the closet. Bummer.


I got the same dd a ramen cooker a couple of years ago. It's nothing but a rectangle bowl to fit a chunk of ramen noodles in to cook in the microwave, but we didn't have any microwave dishes it would fit into so she had to always make it on the stove. She was tickled pink. Now she's using it at college too.

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