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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

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We have 2 houseguests today so part of the day will be whatever they want to do.  Brunch out is one thing for sure.


I have a lot of work, including May 15 deadlines.


My kids have a significant homework project to work on.  Since they are acting undisciplined this weekend (so far), I will probably have to spend some time keeping them on task.


That ought to keep us busy enough.  :)

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Still having vertigo symptoms so I'm not sure how much will get done.  DH is out at a baseball game today, but both kids are back.


-straighten up the house (how did it get so disheveled?)

-workout (HiiT training today if I can handle it with dizzy spells)

-laundry for oldest

-laundry for DH and I

-start working on memory board for oldest's graduation (these are due tomorrow.  No way is that happening and I am the least crafty person out there)


-figure out what is for dinner

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Good Afternoon....



Had brunch with my family...opened up all the windows...it's chilly and windy here today.  Love it!


Puttering around the house and trying to figure out things to cook to use up whats in the freezer and pantry.  No real shopping until we are desperate...don't want to move anything extra..kwim?! 


Have a great day!


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