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2016 AP free response questions (FRQs)---prompts only

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For the curious, the College Board has begun to release the FRQs for this year, two days after each exam's testing date. I'll add them all to this post as the time passes.


These are the prompts only. Scoring guidelines (rubrics) and actual student samples will be released here http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/exam/exam_information/index.html sometime after the "readings" take place next month.


Environmental Science https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_environmental_science.pdf


Psychology https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_psychology.pdf


Chemistry https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_chemistry.pdf


Art history https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_art_history.pdf


Computer Science A https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_computer_science_a.pdf


Spanish https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_spanish_language.pdf


Physics 1 https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_physics_1.pdf


Physics 2 https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_physics_2.pdf


Japanese https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_japanese_language.pdf


English Lit https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_english_literature.pdf


Chinese https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_chinese_language.pdf


Calculus AB https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_calculus_ab.pdf


Calculus BC https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_calculus_bc.pdf


APUSH https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_us_history.pdf


European History (first year of redesign btw) https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_european_history.pdf


German https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_german_language.pdf


Biology https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_biology.pdf


Music Theory https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_music_theory.pdf


Physics C: Mechanics https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_physics-c_mech.pdf


Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap16_frq_physics-c_e-m.pdf

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In case anyone isn't aware, all of the free response questions going back to the late 1990s in some cases (there are far fewer if the test has been redesigned) are available at http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/exam/exam_information/index.html.  The College Board always posts the latest questions 48 hours after the exam is given.

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The chinese paper isn't even 100% in chinese, more like 50/50 english-chinese; don't know to laugh or cry.

Maybe the audio bits would make you feel better (off to link...)




You know, I should have dh try this exam. He's been studying Chinese as an adult (university classes and classes through Confucius Institute at the university). Heh ;)

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You know, I should have dh try this exam. He's been studying Chinese as an adult (university classes and classes through Confucius Institute at the university). Heh ;)

Link is to Chinese as a 2nd language 3rd quarter test for 6 year olds back home; english is the 1st language. The only english instructions are on the front cover of the test.




I'm looking at the 2016 AP German paper and the instructions are bilingual too.



My kids test in their german school for german as a foreign language is in german only.



I'm sure my kids would be happy as they read faster in english but it is so weird to hubby and me.

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I was surprised by the suggested books for question 3 on the lit exam.  Sorry, but I don't think Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close belongs in the same company as Othello and Heart of Darkness. And why in the world are there three titles by Margaret Atwood?

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