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  1. Adding on to what I wrote from my sons acceptance to Susquehanna a month ago. He's also been accepted to St. John's College -- Annapolis, and York College of Pennsylvania. St. John's is his dream school, they awarded him a nice scholarship, but it comes down to the financial aid package. I really hope it works out.
  2. I don't post much, but... My son was accepted to Susquehanna University with a really nice scholarship. His first choice is St. John's College in Annapolis, still waiting for them. Also applied to Dickinson and Ursinis.
  3. He will get credit for the geometry, not for the Justice, Freedom and Law classes. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. It would make total sense, and I have been talking to him about this. He doesn't want to do it. I'm still discussing it with him though.
  5. The Chem will probably be finished before Christmas (he's starting it early on his own), and the Intro to Human bio is in the spring, it's for non-majors, so we'll see. His cognitive skills and memory are 100% back. Headaches are at a 3, but lowering drastically because of a new treatment plan. The left over problem is with vision. Math is still a concern for me, at this point, mostly because of vision, but his brain can do it now. Thanks.
  6. This was a double post. Not sure how to delete
  7. My son has always been a humanities kid. Interested in Philosophy, art, and writing. Two years ago he sustained a traumatic brain injury. It's been a rough climb back for him, and he's still not there. Math has never been a strong subject for him, especially with the head injury, so we've been using TT. But, lately, he's been getting nothing but A's. Which is great. I wasn't worried about TT, because, this kid was probably going to be a graphic designer or a lawyer. NOW, we've found a new neurologist, who takes his time to explain everything to him. He has learned so much about the brain, and the nervous system, it's been amazing. My son is really into it, and has been bit by the science bug. He is very smart, he's always done well with school, but math and science have never been his focus. He's going into 11th grade year, and is now thinking of pursuing Neuroscience, he wants to study the brain so that he can find ways to help TBI patients. This is a huge change. Could you guys look at our HS schedule and let me know if we can get him there? 9th (school year after injury, no math, and light science, his brain couldn't handle it) We did the best we could. He had to learn how to walk without falling, and relearn how to write (physically) -English 1 (just through novels, we had a simplify) -Ancient History -Earth Science (coursera) -Astronomy (coursera) -Russian 1 -Intro to Theater -Graphic Design (at an academic homeschool group) Summer after 9th-- He had to relearn math, from the very beginning through alg 1. It was quick, because it all came back to him, but I had to work with him starting with place value. 10th (still suffering from major headaches, and vision problems) -English 10 (homeschool group lit and grammar, plus ModPo (coursera), and NaNoWriMo) -World History (homeschool group) -AP Art History (homeschool group) -Russian 2 (homeschool group) -Algebra 2 (TT) -Biology with labs at homeschool group -Photography Summer before 11th Geometry, and Justice, Freedom and Law at St. Johns College Summer Academy (not getting a credit though) 11th (the coming school year)-- -English 11 (H. American Lit, HS Group) -Freshman Comp (Community college, fall) He wanted to take the english with our homeschooling group, and at comm college. Reading and writing are passions, and I'm sure he can handle both. -Chemistry -H. American History (HS group with CLEP) -Pre-Calc (TT) I'm afraid to move away from TT until his head injury is completely healed -Philosophy (fall) -Psychology (spring, with CLEP) -AP Studio Art (drawing, HS group) -We are thinking about Intro to Human Biology at the community college in the spring. Something to get his feet wet in science at the community college level. Foreign Language is still up in the air, Russian 3 is not being offered at our homeschool group, so we are not sure where to go. Is he okay for heading into Neuroscience? I'm thinking Anatomy and Physiology at the community college for senior year. Maybe Spanish as well? Thanks, Abby
  8. This is exactly what we are planning on doing this year. I bought a used chem textbook off of Amazon to read through while working through the two classes, and a lab kit from QSL. I'm hoping it's the right move, we'll see.
  9. Khan academy has the Smart History videos. They are really very good. Also, I was very happy with The Annotated Mona Lisa.
  10. MarkT, Thank you so much! This is what I was looking for. So basically, if he was going to do this, it would be in lieu of Pre-Calc rather than calc. My son is more of an artist/philosopher/historian type, NOT a math person, but does well. But, if he could knock out a math class in high school, he would be happy about that. The fact that it's self paced is wonderful for him. Does it work well for your child?
  11. This is my area, love it!!!! I was just thinking, if you want to hit both visual and performance at the same time, you could do a one credit Visual and Performing arts class. Do a half semester of visual (drawing, painting, photography), do a half semester of Theater (see a show, learn stage directions, maybe study a play, see a ballet, take a ballroom lesson), half semester of Music (go to the symphony, study biographies of the masters, do some reading music exercises), and then New Media (film, digital, graphic design). I had a college class that did this, it was something all art majors had to do in their freshman year. hmmm, this sounds like a wonderful coop class.
  12. Can ALEKS be used as a curriculum on it's own, or is it more supplemental or review? Thanks! Abby
  13. My son is playing a bit of catch up in math this summer, because he couldn't do a math his freshman year (head injury), he's going into 11th. He's doing geometry over the summer. For 11th he will do TT Pre-Calc. I use TT because of the head injury, he needs everything simply laid out. They do not have Calculus. I was searching for an appropriate Calculus for him. But, I stumbled upon Edx's College Algebra through ASU. If the student gets a C, then you can pay to get the college credit. It's expensive, but, it's self paced, which is worth it for him. He needs self paced, so I'm willing to pay extra money for that. He does well with math, he just needs to do it in his own time frame due to lingering brain issues. Is it okay for a child to go from Pre-Calc to College Algebra. Does it look bad if he doesn't do Calculus? The ASU class uses Aleks. What do you all think of Aleks? Is this a good idea, or no? Thanks, Abby
  14. My Art History taker feels positive, although it's a re-designed test, so he is nervous about that. He took it at the small Christian private school next door. He said his room was tiny, hot and right next door to the elementary music room, so it became loud (the proctor started laughing at one point about it). All of that said, he is eager to do more APs next year. So we'll see what happens. I'm just glad it's over!!!
  15. We just got him a state id from the DMV. It was easy, in and out quickly. My son is doing last minute cramming for the Art History test TOMORROW. I'm more nervous than he is, I think. He's taking it at the Christian school next door. He'll be sitting in the Elementary School Library, which I find funny. He took one of those silly tests on facebook "only 1 in 50 can name all of these artworks" He only got one wrong.. he was very proud of himself.
  16. Hi all, Has anyone sent their child to St. John's? I'm curious about it. It's the type of school that my son would thrive at, and he was just accepted to their summer academy for high schoolers.
  17. Yes. I have, and it's been great. I pay for certificates if he does every part of the course, lectures, tests, discussions, and essays. My son has learned so much by just listening in on the lectures. What classes are you thinking about? My son did an astronomy class last year that was amazing. He's working through Biology for Voters 1 and 2 on edx right now, but not for credit, he was just interested in it.
  18. I think you are all right. I think we'll skip the Italian 1 over the summer, and figure out how to get the third credit in later. Also, his AP classes require some amount of summer work. I don't want him to feel like he never gets a break. We will do Geometry over the summer, he really wants to get to Calc. and I figure that it's best to do Geometry in the summer, rather than Pre-Calc during 2017 summer.
  19. I"m sorry, I forgot his Extra Curricular stuff. He's a stage actor, and is in Midsummer Nights Dream right now (Thesius/Oberon), and was just Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. That's just from this year, hes done others as well. He's the yearbook Lead Editor, and Cover Designer at our academic homeschool group. He is an assistant soccer trainer for a U11 Girls team. (he can't play anymore because of the injury, so this is how he still stays in the game) And, he's applying for a summer program at St. Johns College in Annapolis that focuses on Philosophy and Law.
  20. Wow! Thank you, Lori. This is fabulous help! You've given us a lot to think about Theater was a half credit Graphic design was a full.
  21. Psychology is an interest of his. Have we lost too much ground to be able to do a math or science AP, since he lost that year due to his injury?
  22. Mornin' I wanted to see if you all had any input to help me out. My oldest is going into 11th, ninth grade was a mess because he was healing from a head injury. 10th has been going wonderfully, but we are still sort of in "catch up mode" from the head injury. He's a smart kid, I don't think he's "gifted" but is highly motivated. He wants to apply to schools on the same tier with Colgate, Bucknell, etc.... Up until this point, he's been a complete humanities kid. He's into art, literature. He had thoughts of becomming an Orthodox Priest, a lawyer, an artist, an english teacher... etc. But, he's gotten into science lately, and started mentioning medical school. So sum it up to say, he's all over the place. He needs to prepare for anything. So, here's what he's done. Please take a look, and let me know what I need to do to prepare him if being a doctor is the dream. 9th (head injury year, so everything was much different than we had planned) No math-we was not cleared for math, there were a whole host of complications when he tried English-spent a lot of time reading, he read 55 books, about 23 of them were classics, and we discussed. And participated in NaNoWriMo. I worked in grammar to the NaNo editing process. This is basically all we did, we were taking it easy. Ancient World History - We were going to do World History, but we needed to simplify, and we stopped as soon as we had enough for a 1/2 credit. Earth Science and Astronomy - Was planning on Bio, but again, needed to simplify. He actually did two coursera classes, and they were amazing. Looking over everything, our evaluator gave us full credit for both, so that's two credits. He even had some email conversations with the Astronomy prof, who was amazing, and inspired my son. He did all of the work, tests, writings, assignments, extra credit labs, and discussion boards. Graphic Design - This was easy, I'm a graphic designer so it seemed like an easy way for him to pick up a credit. He's been doing this with me since 5th grade. Russian - Hard for him, but he wanted to keep up with it. Theater 1 - He does stage acting, so I added in some classic plays for him to read through, and went through some history. 10th (Much better year but still some problems) Alg 2 - TT, wanted to keep it as easy as possible for him. It has to do with where the scarring on his brain is located... smack dab right in the middle of where math is done. He has a firm A though. English 2- Taking an outside class at an academic homeschool group. The teacher loves him, and he is doing great. She said that he is doing honors work, and she will award a grade in that way. World History - Using the same teacher as English 2, she is telling me that he is doing honors work here as well. World Religions - Same as above. .5 credit AP Art History - At the homeschool group, I am the teacher, he's getting an A. Art is his thing. Taking the test in May and the syllabus is approved. Bio - Miller Levine: Dragon fly. Working through the lappaq. Also using Edx's Biology for Voters 1 and 2 because he finds it interesting, and is learning a ton. Photography - Homeschool group. .5 credit Health - Edx - University of Arizona's Health class ,5 credit Russian 2 - Homeschool Group This Summer Playing catch up with Geometry, and our Russian teacher is not teaching Russian 3, so he is going to try out Italian on Edx, our evaluator looked over it and approved it for a full credit for each class. He wants to make sure to get up to three credits in one language. I'm doing it with him, and I'm excited. So, Italian 1 through edx this summer (then will do 2 and 3 during Junior and senior year) 11th - Pre-calc - TT or Thinkwell? Thoughts? Chem - Glencoe Chemistry: Matter and Change with Khan Academy videos, and lappaq AP US History - Through our Homeschooling Group. He will be in the regular US Hist class, but the teacher is having him work through a different book, and will have different assignments. Syllabus is already approved. AP Lit - Same as above AP Studio: Drawing - This is with me, the syllabus is already approved, I just have to figure out how to deal with the portfolio. AP Psych - With me, using Yale's OCW Psychology course. We may just do a half a year and just do the CLEP test, that's up in the air. but, my syllabus has been approved. Philosophy: Critical Thinking - He's into philosophy, if Psych takes half a year, we will do a half year of this. Italian 2 - Edx. He's doing it with me, I'm excited to learn Italian with him So, if he does decide to go the science route, you can see he's mostly been arts and humanities focused. Should I bump up the science? should he take away something and do Anatomy or something? Thanks, I know this is a lot.
  23. Let me know what you find out. I'm preparing a class for the AP Art History test in May, so I've had no time to spend with it yet.
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