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What healthy veges can I serve with Cajun chicken and oven fries?


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Ok, I found a recipe for Cajun seasoning that my family loves, so I can bake some chicken and oven fries. Cajun seasoning is new to our family repertoire, though,  so I don't have an automatic notion of which veges would go with it. I don't want veges with sausage. 


Suggestions? What veges or salads go well with those flavors? 

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The last time I did a Cajun meal, we had Cajun grilled chicken, cajun rice pilaf, steamed asparagus, hollandaise sauce, and pina colada sweet potatoes.


When I'm serving a spicy flavorful meal like Cajun, I look for simple sides with a hint of sweetness like carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers etc.


Looking forward to seeing what others do.

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There is a recipe here for Lima beans with cumin and mint




Later in the season, I might try fried (green) tomatoes or okra. Someone here -- Amira? -- suggested broiled romaine a while back. I tried that and it was excellent. Grilled Vidalia (or other) onions with a light honey/apple cider glaze. Collards or kale, but not boiled to death; I like these with a bit of balsamic vinegar and flaked pepperat the end of cooking.

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