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Saxon Algebra 1 vs CLE Algebra 1

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Here's my dilemma:

9th grader starting Algebra 1 and I am trying to decide b/w Saxon Algebra 1 and CLE Algebra 1.


I realize CLE goes no further and there is no geometry. The draw is that CLE workbook style looks appealing and the reviews all good and much cheaper than Saxon.

So what's the problem you say?


Well the attraction of Saxon is that I am looking to go to Saxon for Algebra 2 and beyond. I heard that the geometry credit doesn't start until Algebra 2 and on into Advanced Math. So I am thinking to get his geometry credit it won't matter if we do another vendor for Algebra 1...right???? Or am I wrong about the geometry?


Since we are looking to do last 3 yrs of math with Saxon should we just start with Saxon instead of CLE and switching?

But all the Saxon components are so much more expensive than CLE.


Bottom line: I want to get the geometry credit that is woven into the Saxon Algebras and I want to make sure doing CLE  for Algebra 1 instead of Saxon for Algebra 1 won't confuse him.

Would it be better to stay with the same vendor/style for continuity and ease of learning in the long run?


If it is worth the extra money for all of that I will pay it.


Thx for any advice!


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Have you looked into the different editions of Saxon? I believe that the 4th edition now has a separate geometry book. If you get the older versions of Saxon, geometry is embedded in algebra. Older versions are also significantly less expensive if you look into buying books used. I've picked up Saxon math for my DD every year since 4th grade and have never paid more than $30 for the student text, teacher text, and test booklet combined.


Obviously, given the things I just said, we are biased toward using Saxon. If you want your student to get the benefit of learning geometry along with algebra, I'd suggest using Saxon for both Algebra 1 & 2. My gut is that it would be a difficult transition from one curriculum to another between algebra 1 & 2 because of the inclusion of geometry beginning in Saxon's algebra 1. I'm sure there are people here with more experience than I, though.

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If you are going to do Saxon for Algebra 2, then do it for Algebra 1 also. Saxon just does things different than other programs and starting in Algebra 2 is hard. I did it with my oldest -- biggest mistake ever, and this was with a kid who just got math. We took two years to do Saxon Algebra 2 because he was getting used to the Saxon way. He also went on to major in electrical engineering.


Please Saxon Algebra 1 and 2 must be done together.




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Mine went from CLE to Saxon. Frankly Saxon is unique enough in it's scope-and-sequence that I personally would stick with it unless the student's grades were poor. Picking it up with Algebra II might bring about too many gaps.


One of mine went from Saxon Algebra 1/2 through Advanced Math with straight A's. He did beautifully on the SAT Math portion and is acing his college math courses.


My other one bottomed out in Algebra II partway to the point that we left Saxon completely there. We picked up Geometry with Jacob's. All A's again. Next year we'll do Algebra II with Forester.


Some kids do really, really well with Saxon and some do not. 

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I taught Saxon Algebra 2 and Advanced Math in a co-op setting. You should switch to Saxon as soon as possible if you plan to use the higher levels. As some said, it is unlike any other math program I've seen. You could have a big learning curve.


I really didn't like Saxon and would never use it with my own kids. You need to see if it will really work for you or not.

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