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Is there a life coach for homeschool moms?


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I have hit the blahs. As a mom I've lost focus of me. I've put everyone else needs ahead of my own, I need help figuring out what I would like to do. Hubby suggested hiring a life coach. I'd like to find one who is knowledgeable about life as a stay at home mom and the demands homeschooling has.


Anyone know someone?

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Yes, there are way too many of them. Please choose carefully. I'm very, very glad I chose Linda Dobson instead of some of the people who were advertising more widely and more loudly when I desperately needed one in 2012.


I don't think she's doing it any more or I would recommend her. She was very helpful.

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I second this! Watch her periscope videos to see if she's for you.



Julie Bogart.


Man! I'm terrible with names.





What about the Bravewriter lady? I'm totally blanking on her name right now, but I watch her periscopes on katch.me quite often.


She has a special paid site that is basically life coaching for homeschoolers.

I was going to suggest Julie as well and the periscopes are a good way to see if she is a good fit for you, really her free periscopes and FB group may be all you need.

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