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started using their service when I moved in TN 5 years ago.  oldest just graduated with them. 


likes: fairly quick and easy to do everything online.  they have options for my special needs child for high school.  they were prompt to get transcript out for college and scholarship applications. applecore (record keeping) is easy to use (it's all drop down menus basically).    They organize PSAT and PLAn testing in 2 cities where they have a lot of customers. workshop weekends all seem to be education focused.  


dislikes: tendency to be rude on the phone  and assume the worst about their customers.  If you call with a question, they read the website to you and you can tell they are rolling their eyes at how stupid you are for not understanding their website (even if you say, I don't understand your typo and they realize it's a mistake).  There was a glitch in their software and they wanted me to pay $300 and held my account.. phone person was rude to me even admitting it was their mistake.  they acted like they work for utlities agency or something.   so if you phone, don't expect kind service.   (oh, it got fixed.  I was able to delete the data entry error and not pay.  wow...  just wow.)

  phone skills are a major issue with them.   (no problems online however)


High school:  I've used the website to get through the years. 


like Lolly has asked:  what questions do you have? 

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