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Botany course for high school?

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I know this is lightly covered in Biology - we're looking for something... different. The text itself could be "simple" as it won't be the only book involved. We are putting together an elective course that will cover Botany and Landscape Design/Landscape Architecture. She'll volunteer at a garden center, already has guinea pigs available for hands-on landscaping projects, and a text about the actual landscape design/architecture itself - so the rest of the course will be fleshed out.


I considered using Apologia's elementary Botany book in combination with gardening texts, maybe? She needs to learn about native plants, and specific information about various types of plants themselves. So I thought maybe the Apologia book could be a refresher for her to remember the basic mechanics of "how things grow" (lol) and the basic plant-stuff, and then a gardening text and working with a garden center to learn the best plants for the area and their ideal planting locations, and then onto the landscaping/architecture/design part of the course. At the end - several projects to put all that information together.


Has anyone put together a course anything similar to this?  (It will be her one "fun" class, but it is a college major she's looked at with interest, so we figured a solid year of it should give her a good idea of whether or not she really enjoys this kind of thing.)

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Botany for Gardeners is good http://www.amazon.com/Botany-Gardeners-Third-Brian-Capon-ebook/dp/B004WLFKM6/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1397562749&sr=1-1&keywords=botany+for+gardeners I have the older second edition.


I used the Eyewitness Visual Dictionary of Plants in my first botany class http://www.amazon.com/Plants-DK-Visual-Dictionaries-Publishing/dp/1564580164/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1397562956&sr=1-1&keywords=visual+dictionary+of+plants


Dd has studied a lot of botany during the past few years. I didn't create a course, just pulled books from my shelves and taught her directly. She would like to do an official botany course in high school.

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Here are a few we are looking at if DD goes that direction:




























and of course Botany for Gardeners as mentioned above. Hope this helps.

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These are great reads and some of my favorite books on the topic of native plants. They extend the topic to the interdependencies of native wildlife with native plants. All three are very specific in instruction while being excellently written. 


Bringing Nature Home by Douglas W. Tallamy (professor of Entomology and WIldlife Ecology at the University of Delaware)



Noah's Garden (despite the title, it is not religious) Sara Stein



Planting Noah's Garden by Sara Stein


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