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What are your go to easy Gluten-Free Meals, snacks, etc?


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We rarely use 'replacement' products...they are usually very starchy and make me ridiculously hungry/fat. I do use brown rice pasta and corn pasta from time to time, but it also makes me hungry. I had corn/quinoa pasta once and liked it, but I don't like quinoa as a grain. I am planning to try millet--I keep forgetting I have it. I do like puffed millet, and it's one of the few puffed alternative grains that doesn't make me more hungry. We buy brown rice in bulk (love the rice cooker!), eat more potatoes\sweet potatoes, eat oatmeal (I am lucky to be okay with regular oats). Oatmeal makes good pancakes, but you need to stir the dough and let it sit for a bit for the baking soda to work. The leftover pancakes are wonderful with apple butter on them. Steel cut oats are really good overnight in the crock pot. I love, love, love to stir fry stuff--the combinations and possibilities are endless, and depending on what you like, you can use frozen veggies as well as fresh. Rice that is a bit too dry leftover makes good fried rice. We make our own taco spice and eat our tacos a variety of ways--as stuffed peppers (or with peppers for taco shells), taco salad, on organic corn chips, etc. I do use coconut flour for brownies and muffins. We eat a lot of farm eggs and a lot of veggies. I eat a lot of nuts. Ice cream and pudding are easy desserts. Whip cream is great on all kinds of fresh stuff. Snacks really are the hardest, but I love leftovers--it's no big deal for me to reheat some leftovers for a snack. If you like leftovers, you can always put them away in single serve containers for snacks later. I allow myself a Larabar or two when I make it to the store that sells them for $1. I try to make extras of things that freeze well or will keep for a couple of days, but with two hungry kids, that's not always feasible.


You might check out some paleo/primal blogs. Here is a site that suggests naturally gluten free foods: http://easilyglutenfree.wordpress.com/. The Kitchen Stewardship blog has a fair amount of gluten free or easily adapted recipes (and good snack/lunch ideas).

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I don't snack much but when I do it's fruit, yogurt and some store bought gluten free fruit bars or pretzels.  Maybe gluten free toast with peanut butter.  My main meals are homemade granola bars, gluten free cereal, eggs, meats, veggies.  I can't say anything is cost effective. I make my own for things I can make well, and buy a good gluten free brand for the rest.  I like some gluten free pastas and soups for winter hot meals.  

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Taco Salad (taco meat, black beans, salad, cheese, lettuce, whatever veggies are in the fridge, corn chips, ranch dressing mixed with salsa)

Meat (chicken, beef, or pork grilled or roasted) with roasted potatoes (rosemary, olive oil)


Brazilian beans (cooked in crock pot) over rice

Chicken or lamb curry (coconut milk, curry powder, chicken or lamb, peas) over rice


Any kind of stir-fry (with gluten free soy sauce) over rice

Thai curry over rice

Spaghetti with jarred sauce with ground beef and Tinkyada pasta (or I make regular pasta and the gluten free people put their sauce over canned garbanzo beans)


For lunch I often stuff my sandwich fillings in a roasted red pepper or romaine lettuce leaf.




Edamame with lime juice and salt

Hummus with veggies

Apples with peanut butter








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Breakfasts:  Egg Bakes,  Eggs with Bacon or Sausage, Eggs mixed with hash browns and peppers and so forth,  Yogurt with fruit and Granola, Pamela's Pancake mix for pancakes or biscuits, gluten free cereals and fruit


Meals:  Crock pot meats with sauces (onion soup mix, BBQ sauce, peaches work well too as a sauce), side of potatoes or rice (rice cookers are worth it!), and steamed veggies (buy some bagged ones in the freezer section)

Home made soups (I make these in the crock pot usually and add rice if we have some left over)  We make a lot of white chilis in the winter and put fritos, lettuce, cheese and sour cream on top

Rice noodles with thai sauce and shrimp, chives, et cetera

Salads- strawberry/spinach, cobb salad, wedge salad

Pizza with cauliflower/cheese crust (see pinterest for recipes)


Oh no!  We need to eat:

Baked potatoes with the fixings

Raw veggies, summer sausage, cubed cheese, tortilla chips, humus and ranch dressing

Pizza zuchinni boats


Quesadillas with different salsas (pineapple salsas are good)

Lettuce wraps


And when I'm really at the end of my rope:  Mrs. Leper's or we have cereal


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