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What workbook based Spelling program would you recommend?

Michelle My Bell


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  1. 1. What workbook based Spelling program would you recommend? Please tell me why or why you wouldn't choose one of these programs if you have an opinion. Thanks!!!

    • Spelling Workout
    • Spectrum Spelling
    • Building Spelling Skills (Christian Liberty Press)
    • Other

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You know, I honestly can't tell you. She just plain didn't like it. I didn't like the way it was set up but that could just be because I was used to the Spelling books that we use through Seton and I liked the way they worked. She was having a really tough time with spelling between 2nd and 3rd grade so I got it as a bridge.

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Spelling by Sound and Structure (Rod and Staff) is far and away my favorite traditional spelling program; behind it are Spelling Workout and BJUP.


SSS's word lists aren't terribly difficult; OTOH, most of the words are in the children's vocabulary (although there are exceptions, of course, which also makes SSS pretty good for vocabulary). It is the activities that make it so good. The children don't just write the words multiple times; they learn spelling patterns and rules, use the words in context in sentences, divide them into syllables (and other dictionary skills), and more, so that by the time they get to the end of a chapter they've actually used the words multiple times in multiple ways.

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