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DESPERATE: need help, ? about one of those MC/VISAs you buy at the store

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I have bought and then activated them the same day. If you use them at a store, you can just use them as you would any other credit card without doing anything. If you want to use them to pay for something online, you have to "register" the cards first. It is pretty easy to do - you punch in the codes off the back. Registration was automatic (I registered, then purchased something within minutes).

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Do you happen to have a debit card from your bank with the Visa or Mastercard logo? That would work just like a credit card. Just a thought.


I personally haven't bought the prepaid Visa or Mastercards, but I would think as soon as you load the money on it at the store that it would be active. Maybe they will know at the grocery store.


Hope you get it worked out! :001_smile:

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I've done it to pay for a hotel (didn't want a hold on my debit card), and it's worked right away once activated.


I bet it works :) I hope it does!


Good luck!


Great idea. Thanks for this.

Not to high jack this thead, but dh and I were just talking about hotel reservations and options so we do not have to use our debit cards. :)

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