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Weird question about flour sifters

Guest inoubliable

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Heh. It really only comes out during the holidays. I remember my grandmother baking crazy amounts of cakes and cookies and pies and using this sifter to mix up the flour and baking soda and whatnot.


Now that I think about it, I guess I don't really *need* it. So now I am staring at both the flour sifter that I wanted to keep AND a nut chopping device and wondering why on earth I still have them.


I'm sorry. I actually have one and find it useful


You would have to have been there. I was sorta kidding.

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My grandmother had one like that. Mine is a regular bowl-shaped strainer.

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Flour sifting? Surely you know this is absurd. :D


;) There was a thread about this a couple days ago, inoubliable.


I prefer the crank sort to the squeeze one, unless you need the one-handed option. I have a big metal mesh strainer but never seem to get it out! I usually avoid sifting and try to wing it with a whisk unless absolutely necessary.

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