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Help! Need a quick fall art project for K-2nds

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Leaf rubbings


Get several leaves of different shapes and sizes and crayons in whatever colors you like, papers peeled off. And white paper, of course. When they've made the rubbings, they can use thin sticks to glue a frame around the edge of the paper, or just use crayons to draw simple frames.

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I posted on your other thread. But to avoid confusion amongst easily confused people such as myself if you post on both boards put cross post or XP in your thread title. I was thinking where the heck did my comment go and though I maybe posted to the wrong thread!



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Well, these are more 'Halloween" I guess, but I made these paper plate spiders with my kids last week and they loved them. I found black paper plates at Wal-Mart so we didn't have to paint them. And we used a silver Sharpie to add mouths and fangs. (hint, the legs stay on better if you anchor the pipe cleaners between two plates and then staple). After they made spiders, they branched out into black cats :D Here are some cat ideas that can be made with paper plates as well:


arched cat

black cat treat pouch

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