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Appropriate Halloween Costumes?

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Anyone have any suggestions on where to find Halloween costumes for an almost 13 year old girl that is appropriate? Meaning more modest in length and neckline area....and what the actual costume is? We're also hoping to keep it in the not super expensive range. And I am so not crafty, so while I could possible do a make it yourself costume, it needs to not be difficult. Thanks so much!!

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Take a look here -- lots of homemade costume ideas, ranging from super simple to fairly complex: http://familyfun.go.com/halloween-kids-costumes/all-halloween-costumes/


Martha Stewart also has some -- again, a mix of more and less complex to make: http://www.marthastewart.com/275509/homemade-kids-halloween-costumes/@center/276965/halloween


I think you're unlikely to find many options for good, reasonably-priced, and "not trashy" in pre-made costumes. There are some fabulous costumes if you don't mind spending an arm and a leg, but the under-$30 ones for teens are generally pretty trashy (in one or both senses of the word).

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we have done really well on ebay, buying period costumes, especially victorian costumes, or civil war era or ???? that said, dd needed a batgirl costume for the dance recital this year, and it was both higher and longer than we had expected, perhaps because it was a women's size?




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My sons friend made a cute mime costume last year. I don't know where she got the striped shirt or beret but it was cute. She had the white gloves and did a mustache, very cute.


I always like the old lady costume either with dress, big purse, hat/wig or bathrobe, slippers and curlers.

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Cheap: A bag of Jelly Beans. White turtleneck, White leggings. LARGE clear plastic bag with leg & arm holes. Lots of small balloons blown up inside the bag. A cute 'twist tie' closing the bag at the neck. There's a picture on pinterest, I believe.


It's on this page.

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Some ideas:


*A gypsy--long, full skirt with a colorful scarf draped around the waist, a peasant type top, a headscarf, and hoop earrings. You could also add a shawl or tambourine.


*A hippie--maxi dress or skirt, long beaded necklaces, fabric or leather headband, sunglasses, and fringed vest.


*A pioneer woman--long skirt, white blouse, sunbonnet, and apron.


*A princess--old prom or bridesmaid dress with a crown added; some ready-made costumes are modest.


If your daughter wears women's sizes, the cheapest new costumes I found were $25-$35. Here are a few:

Snow White

Pink Princess




I also recommend searching on eBay. They have a huge selection of used costumes.

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My 12yo has bought a clear umbrella, some feather boas, and some silver streamers to hang over a door. She is going to put all these together and be a jellyfish.


Her best friend is going to be a basket of laundry: an old basket with the bottom cut out, colorful clothes, and an empty Tide box for a trick-or-treat bag.


Or you can just tape twists of Smarties all over her jeans--she's a smartypants!

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