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Latin for Children

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I am so lost with this curriculum. Does anyone have any advice on how to teach this well? I have read and re-read the history book that goes with it and cannot figure out what we're supposed to be doing. Maybe a good blog post somewhere about how others have approached this? Do I have to be doing Shurley Grammar to really "Get it"?


Thank you for any help, advice or commiseration. We are all so excited about Latin but this is discouraging us to the point of not wanting to do it.

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You don't start the history curriculum until the middle of the book so you covered some translation.


Here's how we go through the material:


Day 1: Watch DVD and review first page of written lesson

Day 2: chant cd, work on lesson pages

Day 3: chant cd, finish lesson pages

Day 4: chant cd, do activity book pages

Day 4: chant cd, finish activity pages


Every few weeks we circle back and review with the free supplemental pages from the website.

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Oh thank you! I like your schedule AND the explanation that some of the stuff is just not going to make sense right now. I forgot there were free online resources so that's nice that I can work that into our week. You make it seem so easy.



I am VERY relieved that I can put that history book away for now. :tongue_smilie:


You have saved my sanity (and kept me from wasting money by tossing this stuff!). I am grateful. :)

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And I might add, do the chants every single day. The grammar stuff may not make sense to you at first, but it will. Conjugate every verb aloud and translate for yourselves. Decline every noun - and don't worry about all 5 cases....we're in LFC B and we're maybe going to cover them all this year.


There are free resources online. Make up silly sentences to translate (or re-translate). Check out the LFC yahoogroup, which has more resources in its files and lots of people who will answer questions. And hang in there!


If you need a grammar reference, get Write Source 2000 or something like that to help you understand how the terms work in our language.


PBI, what is the exact name of the Yahoo group? I'm searching LFC and coming up with all sorts of other things.

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The way we do it for Primer B is:


Mon: dvd, practice on line

Tues: memorization worksheet, practice on line

Wed: other worksheets, practice on line, rewatch dvd if needed

Thurs: quiz


When we did Primer A last year we did the activity book on Wed. but dd found she really did not like most of the activities and they were very time consuming for her. This year I decided to drop it. She also learns better practicing the vocab and the charts on line rather than doing all the chants.


As for the history reader we do that over the summer. We do one -two readings a week as a way for dd to keep the material fresh. She actually really enjoyed doing them this summer.

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There is a suggested schedule tucked towards the back of the main book. I don't know why they didn't put it up front, b/c I was super confused too about how to go about it. Look for the schedule, it makes more sense after reading it :).

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We have a similar schedule....



Day 1: Watch DVD

Day 2: read lesson, work on lesson pages

Day 3: chant cd, finish lesson pages, enter vocab into anki

Day 4: chant cd, headventureland.com

Day 5: quiz

Day 6: test


my older son in level B takes the tests (purchased at the CAP website) and enters the vocab into anki; my younger son in level A doesn't take the tests and I enter the vocab into anki for him.

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