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  1. I received the email below (names removed) today from the math kangaroo people. Apparently everyone who tested for grade 3/4 at the location near Houston where we tested received incorrect scores. I believe this will affect the rankings of everyone in Texas as there were several students at this location who checked their answers after results came out and were expecting perfect scores. On May 20th, I sent email to the manager of the center with all parents' addresses in BCC field. I am sorry if you didn't get my message. I have to admit, I used wrong answer keys and all your childre
  2. Does anyone have a blank copy of the 4th grade test? I would like dd to review the answers but she can't find her copy. We received scores and she performed very poorly which is unusual for her so we are tying to see what she did wrong.
  3. I haven't been on the boards lately because life has just been too busy. I'm supposed to be finishing my taxes right now but decided to take a break and do some reading/planning first. I think I came here just to see this thread. Quark and dmmetler it is reassuring to know you don't always finish books. From reading your posts my dd has some similarities to your kids who are both a little older (she just turned 10). I've been frustrated about the fact that we seem to have a lot of unfinished books around here lately. We took a lot of time off preparing for contests this last year. I talked wit
  4. We use them for similar reasons to dmmetler. Dd loves to read and I started using Fred when she went through a stage where she hated math. This happened while learning long division in mus delta I believe. She could do the problems but was bored and tired of the repetition. She started doing Fred, living math books and eventually Beast Academy to provide some interesting math to counteract the boring repetition. She now likes math, even mentioned potentially studying it in college but enjoys using all the different resources. I never check her Fred problems. She works through it on her own and
  5. We did Song School Latin starting at around that age (been a while so I can't remember exactly when we started). It wasn't around when we started but I like mathusee (MUS) primer and plan to use it when my youngest is ready to start playing with numbers. You could also go straight to alpha if he already knows some numbers. My daughter loved playing with the blocks when she was 4/5 and learned a lot of math concepts on her own using them. I know MUS isn't always recommended for accelerated kids but I have a 10 year old who started with alpha after suffering through Horizon and Singapore fo
  6. This is basically the same experience that we had in Houston. 30-40 kids. dd took level 4 exam. Kids were grouped in rooms of 1-4th grade and 5th - 10th. Almost all the kids are Indian which is the same experience we had last year at a different location in Houston. Our location last year was a Polish/Russian school so there were a few very blond polish looking kids. This year it was at a math tutoring center. DD was 1 of 2 or 3 kids who weren't Indian. The others were Asian. She has dark olive skin so she doesn't stand out in the picture and I don't think she noticed either year that all the
  7. We are currently doing BA 4A and AOPs Pre-algebra at the same time. DD loves BA and wants to finish the series. She's worked a little along on the 3A-3D books over the last year as review while she completed MUS Zeta & Pre-algebra and said she wanted to continue while she does AOPs pre-algebra book. She considers it a fun math break.
  8. We did it for the first time last year and dd9 enjoyed it. Unfortunately this year the only location near me doesn't have available seats so we're going to miss it. She found the problems challenging but fun.
  9. We used MUS from alpha to pre-algebra and just added Beast Academy, Singapore Challenging Word Problems and Life of Fred as supplements. DD had no problem transitioning from MUS to Beast Academy. We were already on Delta when BA came out so the first book was almost all review but she enjoyed it anyway.
  10. Our children sound similar. My daughter is now 9 but what I discovered around that time was that she was bored in math and we needed to move faster. I also stopped doing worksheets for math facts. She played games like math bingo and various others on the ipad. We used MUS. We started at alpha because using the blocks fixes the counting up and down issue. I also thought she needed to go through the lessons. To save money I found an old version of alpha on vcr tape instead of buying the whole curriculum. We did this even though she could add and subtract before we started. We used an accele
  11. I've tried just about everything suggested on the boards and we finally decided it wasn't worth our time to do formal spelling. Since dd likes to do spelling she uses various spelling bee prep material and we do oral spelling practice with the words from her vocabulary from classical roots book. As use book A. She also has "How to Spell Like a Champ" and we've used words from there and from the Scripps booklet.
  12. I would say this is very similar to what happens here. DD can do most everything by herself but we lose a lot of time when the transition is up to her. If I plan time to check what she's done in between subjects it gets done more efficiently. If I have to be gone for a while I to the introduction/time together for all the subjects at once and give her a checklist. We might spend 20 or 30 minutes discussing what she should do, anything she needs to know before she starts and approximately how long it should take per subject. If she has a checklist she gets her work done most of the tim
  13. This is a good idea. I might just get her stuff to make her own.
  14. It is ridiculously expensive but dd would probably love several of these. Especially the one with career aspirations that says Ninja.
  15. DD is suddenly on a creative kick so I'm planning on getting some more sewing and art supplies. She has been cutting up old clothes and creating all sorts of doll clothes and other things. Right now she is making a quilt for her toys. She always gets Beast Academy stuff for gifts. She still likes going through the books and wants to "finish" the series even though we are currently in pre-algebra. We will also probably get some Lord of the Rings legos because she recently finished reading the books and loved them. A game called Idiom Addict we played on vacation recently and really
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