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  1. Farr I really understand what you are saying but dd normally does say hi to her, all the time but not a full stop everything greeting every time they see each other. She does the same thing to dd but it does not phase dd. She knows folks are sometimes focused on something else so it is no big deal. They also share many of the same interests which they are normally talking about, sharing video all that teen stuff. The book was just something dd was not into and the girl kept insisting that dd look through it even though she knew we did not want to see it. Dd did talk to them if they asked
  2. Thank you everyone. I was really upset last night about all of this. Dd is having a birthday party and I had received an email from the mom (who is supposed to be one of my friends) stating that her girls ( this girl has a sister that dd is also friends with) saying they could not come to the party. There was no explanation either where she would usually give me one or call me if there was a conflict. Right when the incident I mentioned happened dd had been invited to sleepover at their house but that was called off without a reason too. I was very hurt that the mom did not even call
  3. Hi all I need some advice her. My daughter has a really good friend who she has had several misunderstandings with over the past couple of years. Sometimes I know my daughter has said somethings that this girl has interpreted wrong and has probably said somethings in frustration to this girl but not in an intentionally insulting or hurtful way. No child or person is perfect. The thing is this girl gets mad at my daughter for a ton of things and most of the time my daughter has no idea what she has done and why this girl is suddenly giving her the cold shoulder or ignoring her. One of
  4. We used to have one (it broke and we have not replaced it, but I want to) and it did work on carpet with cat hair. It also worked really well on picking up the Cheerios that our toddler left all over the living room ?
  5. We just got a Kitchenaid last year. It is the BEST dishwasher we have ever had. The dishes are spotless (always had issues with our old GE). This dishwasher is also so quiet you barely even notice that it is working. My sister has a Bosch and that is what she recommended to us but due to the height of the space the Bosch was 1/4" to tall at its lowest height.
  6. Five In a Row is a great foundation for a co-op class targeting those ages. Our co-op has done that several times.
  7. As a former Catholic and now Methodist (both are Christian from my perspective) the issue I have would be the use of BJU and how the teachers use it. BJU can have a decidedly anti Roman Catholicism view. I have used BJU in the past for history but I have had to modify some lessons and really speak to their view point. I would talk to the administrators at the school and see how they would handle that. There are some Christian Churches that are decidedly anti RC and if this school is affiliated to something like that then it would be a no.
  8. 5 Crowns is a big one over here. Qwixx is also another good one.
  9. Check out your local 4h program. most cities have them and even have horse programs in them. 4h has some great horse curriculum. You could also look at joining a 4h group and doing the horse bowl and/or the hippology contests. If you are not familiar with them Horse Bowl is an academic quiz competition where the kids answer questions about horses. Hippology contests are also done as teams but for the most part the only thing the team works together on the the team problem (they are given a horse problem/situation and then have to present the issue and solution/treatment to the judges as a
  10. Yes you would skip the Geometry book. You can put Integrated Algebra 1 on your transcript. Integrated programs have the geometry through out the courses and colleges should recognize that. You really should not have him doing just the odd or even problems. The program is designed for the kids to do all the problems to get the proper reinforcement of the material. How long does it take him to do a lesson. It normally takes dd 1.5-2 hours to do one lesson. If it is taking your child longer then maybe you need to spread one lesson out over two days. You may not make it through the Ca
  11. Which version of Saxon 1 did you do? if it was 2nd or 3rd you would move on to Algebra 2 if it was the 4th edition you need to add in the Geometry. For literature you might just look at doing several literature guides with him. Novel Units and Progeny Press are both very good literature guides. You will find more a selection with Novel Units. The nice thing about doing the Lit Guides is you can allow him to choose the books or choose books that you think will interest him. October Sky is one we did with sd (Novel Units) and then we watched the movie. Another option for English might
  12. We love our Kitchen Aid. The 5 qt Artisan should be fine for the average family. I have a cover for mine and the nice thing is it has a pocket on the outside where I keep the different beaters, dough hook and whisk. As for attachments I like the pasta roller and we have one of the food grinders (I think with the vegetable strainer) that I have used in the past for canning (we have not done that in a few years). I would love to get the pasta cutter and the ice cream maker too. Oh another good thing to get is the pouring shield. It is great in helping to prevent getting flour all over th
  13. We have ordered full exhaust systems from Amazon Prime. I felt bad for the guy delivering but it sure made our life easier. You can get just about anything from Amazon Prime. We always check local and then check Amazon to see if it is a better deal.
  14. You may want to ask what the levels are. If you are in the upper range of normal you could still be having thyroid issues. When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism my levels were in the "normal" range but due my symptoms and a family history my doctor decided to try me on meds. Within a week I was noticing a major difference. The doctor just upped my meds because my levels where creeping up wards, still in the normal range for others but not for me.
  15. It is definitely worth it for us. We order just about everything from Amazon including car parts. The amount dh has saved in shipping for those parts (and the ease of getting them) has made it worth it to us. The two day shipping has a spoiled too. We occasionally use the Prime Video but to us that is just a bonus and not our main reason for keeping it.
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