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  1. I'm so glad someone liked an old post of mine on this thread because I went back and read a lot of the funny things dd said a few years ago that I had forgotten about. Here's a new one from this week. We were on a business trip last week and dd saw a lot of people she hadn't seen in years. She was asked about "school" a lot and this week she answered everyone with the same thing.."I don't go to school. I am homeschooled which is way better because I get to study about rational numbers which are fun, awesome & very cool. They are also very easy but apparently schools won't let you learn about them until you are in 7th grade. Isn't that crazy?" She got a lot of blank stares in return.
  2. :lol: dd laughing at her own clever sayings is often just as entertaining as whatever she said in the first place. She just really finds herself amusing.
  3. I might have to put my self on time-out from the boards to stop myself from buying and/or considering any additional math curriculum. The latest version of my plans for young pre-algebra student are to use mus as the spine with Life of Fred and possibly TT and/or Hands on Equations as supplements. DD doesn't care for math but is good at it and quite accelerated. I too am hoping that getting to algebra will make her like it more. She is really liking Singapore CWP which we use to supplement our MUS spine.
  4. Dd6 " Mommy, did you know I have an acute sense of taste? I can taste horrible olives on my pizza even after you pick them off"
  5. DD6 told me she would have to be chewing with her cuspids and molars for a while because her lose tooth was hurting. After reading a book on butterflies she was drying off with a towel around her after a shower and told me she was in her chrysalis and she was puppating (not sure about spelling since she read the book not me!)
  6. dd6 to someone who askedif the cheese she was eating was yummy for her tummy. "yes, but it's not in my tummy yet, it has to go through my esophagus first.."
  7. This made me lol....sounds a conversation I would have with my 6yo daughter.
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