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  1. Ireland? Lots of tech companies have offices there. Cities are expensive and infrastructure a bit shaky. But the SOL is good enough.
  2. Or this https://youtu.be/C1xRot35SdM (It's sarcastic) ðŸ˜
  3. Reading detective is good. But the worksheets mostly practice skills. To build skills, I found Reading & Reasoning by EPS very good. Reading comp programs on this board are something of an anathema. Just so you know. :)
  4. We just finished reading Kensuke's Kingdom, and we're in the middle of The Elements. So I thought now would be a good time to watch something about how they intersect. But there's apparently a gazillion documentaries about the Manhattan Project and nuclear war. I would like something that spends more than a few seconds on the science of atomic bombs and Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Ethics would be gravy, but I don't need lengthy discussions about the Cold War or the Cuban Missile Crisis or etc. Suggestions?
  5. The Urgent Care clinics, the one's that you go to on nights and weekends when you're not bad enough for the ER, have x-ray machines. Maybe you can pop into one of those on Saturday morning?
  6. African Americans and the Classics: An Introduction This popped on my FB and thought it was interesting. Written by a teacher at a Classical school, so also apropos. There's more the author could have gotten in to - for example before hieroglyphics were cracked (and then before Egyptian texts really got read and interpreted) scholarship was pretty dependent on Roman sources, which were themselves very negative about Egypt and talked about them as backwards people worshiping animals, and so on. Which we now know is not accurate, but, as the end of article says "what is old new
  7. Yeah, DH did something similar with our kid a few days ago. He also complains, slops through, messy handwriting, the works. DH had him do something and said "You have 20 minutes to do this. You must use the whole 20 minutes. Spend your time. Write neatly. If you're done before the 20 minutes are up, you can go back and check your work. If after 20 minutes it is done sloppily or incorrectly, you will have another 10 minutes to correct it." I thought it was kinda crazy, but it worked. We don't do that all the time for everything. But when he's "backsliding" it helps get him back on track
  8. Drop it. Pronto. I tried to stick out an online French CC class taught by a German speaker, and it was awful. Totally awful. So much stress, screwed my GPA, just so horrible. Go to the registrar and beg to get into another class to keep FT. There's sometimes a few classes that start later for some reason, and maybe you can squeeze into one of those. If FL is required and there's no other option, do talk to the department head. Even if they defend the teacher (it's possibie, btdt), they should tell you if there's an alternate method of meeting the requirement.
  9. Just realized this is your first post. Welcome! We have extensively discussed The Brainy Bunch on this forum in the past, so we bring a lot of history of those threads with us. But generally, we're pretty negative about it. I am very much negative about it. There are some fundamental mistakes she makes about test results. And I was turned off by her attitude that education consisted of collecting pieces of papers (degrees). But - yes, I think many kids can do without the redundancy present in many boxed curriculums. Especially if you school year around, yes, you can probably skip th
  10. LOL, I really just meant that I don't know if she understands just how standardized the National Curriculum is. I mean, there's a couple different school textbook publishers, but they all follow the same sequence. Seriously, I'm on a FB group for expats dealing with Dutch education, and it's hilarious when the veterans answer a question about multiplication tables with "oh, that gets covered group 5, quarter 2, week 5-8 or so." Pros and cons, pros and cons. But, riffing off another pp, ACE wouldn't stand a chance at being a school in The Netherlands. For example. Oh, and
  11. I live in school-choice country, and I have very much taken advantage of that for my kid. For example, when one elementary school couldn't deal with his issues (sending him out to sit in the hallway almost all day, not dealing with bullying) we switched him to a different school - and we told friends whose kids were also having issues with that school to switch their kids, too. They did as well, and know we're all happy. I'm not sure how the Dutch system is set up exactly, but I'm pretty sure the schools are not "for-profit." There's also a very strong (and maybe too strict) system of fede
  12. My parents enrolled me in the public HS so that DE would be free. They didn't actually want me to take an classes at the HS, we were longtime HSLDA members and were pretty scared of the evil public school. Though, looking back, I thank God I was DE through the PS. My mother was clueless about making a homeshool high school transcript. She's still clueless. Like, really, she has no idea that she could make a transcript or that she even could. Her main goal was to get education over and done with as quickly as possible so that I could get a J.O.B. (yes, spelled out in capital letters). Yes,
  13. I'm totally lost about where this thread is. But I posted speaking of my own experience. 15yo starting at CC, pretty much full time DE for the rest of high school. I liked it at the time, but altogether, now, I think it was a net negative. Besides the horrid French class I nearly failed, I kept up on the pace and readings fine, and survived reading The Bluest Eye (the main characters were about my age and...spoiler alert! one ends up impregnated by her father). For the truly PG/HG kids, yes, I see the necessity of starting college very early. But there seems to be this popular view
  14. We lived for a month in a hotel with just a water kettle, a french press, and a crock pot (the "fridge" was a cooler bag in the trunk of the car - it was November in England). Hard boiled eggs can be made easily in a water kettle. Boil a full pot, carefully spoon in some eggs, close the lid and wait 10 mins. I also found that I could cook a "casserole" in the crock pot. I hit Tesco in the early afternoon and grabbed from their Reduced shelf (since I was cooking it that night). Packs of pre-made meals (quiche, shepherd's pie, et al) in foil or heavy plastic were placed on top of an inv
  15. Sooo.... GfC-B won't line up with the GfC-A I already own? Or...? Meh, they're revising LfC, which is annoying since I already own A & B (though they say the revision doesn't change the s&s). So maybe they're rethinking their language approach overall. I'm interested to see what they're doing though. GfC-A is...wow, it really does cover a bunch of grammar (compared to other common Greek textbooks, even college ones). Grammar-heavy is their shtick, so maybe that will stay. Maybe they're just "funning it up" like they are with LfC.
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