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  1. Ireland? Lots of tech companies have offices there. Cities are expensive and infrastructure a bit shaky. But the SOL is good enough.
  2. Or this https://youtu.be/C1xRot35SdM (It's sarcastic) ðŸ˜
  3. Yeah, DH did something similar with our kid a few days ago. He also complains, slops through, messy handwriting, the works. DH had him do something and said "You have 20 minutes to do this. You must use the whole 20 minutes. Spend your time. Write neatly. If you're done before the 20 minutes are up, you can go back and check your work. If after 20 minutes it is done sloppily or incorrectly, you will have another 10 minutes to correct it." I thought it was kinda crazy, but it worked. We don't do that all the time for everything. But when he's "backsliding" it helps get him back on track
  4. BA is great for afterschooling. It's different enough to not feel like "more of the same" and teaches things ordinary math curriculum leaves out. We do about 2 pages a day, more or less. Usually each subtopic is a two page spread, so I try to chunk it that way. But if there's a lot of starred problems, especially towards the ends of a chapter, we might just do one page. I try to keep it in the ballpark of 20 mins. This does not include the guide books. My kid reads those on his own (he likes them).
  5. You're new here. Welcome! But you should post this on the Accelerated Learner board. That's where we discuss curriculum choices for gifted, asynchronous and generally atypical kids. But just to start you off, the first recommendation for LA for a gifted student is Michael Clay Thompson, starting at the Sentence Island level. Check it out. And if it confuses you, search these forums to see explanations for the other confused people. I did FLL with my kid in 1st/2nd-ish. I say "ish" because had the old version that combined 1 and 2, and condensed and skipped, and he got done with it all
  6. Oh yeah, sorry, I really posted a rough draft. It's solar system symphony - http://teachyourchildpiano.com/solar-system-symphony-sm-page-1/ I'm trying to sneakily sneak in music appreciation. I don't know if it will work, lol.
  7. I drafted out my plans - thought I'd share. For fyi - he's 2e, and has no homework from school. And his school is not-English, so I'm trying to keep him at least on grade level for English LA. And I'm an LCC-er with a stem kid. Oh, and he doesn't go to Sunday School or other Religious Ed. Math: BA4, 5?, CTCo. Algebra/Geometry Latin: LfcA, Minimus Secundus, LfcB Greek: Basic Greek in 30 Minutes, Elementary Greek 1? Science: The Elements, Solar System Music, CLNR5, Science in the Ancient World Language Arts: Reading: Reading Detective? Just So Stories, Greek Myths, Holes, Poetry Writing
  8. Just springboarding off this to offer my theory/opinion/n=1 idea: I think Lyme just attacks the body where it is already weak. So, for me, I have always been a person that the Victorians would've deemed "delicate." I faint, or nearly faint, easily. When I was a kid I would often have a sensation that my feet were "burning" and I'd have to kick off my shoes before they suffocated. I have always fatigued easily, and need a lot of downtime to recharge. I had terrible heartburn issues as a teen, and lingering odd digestion things. I got a bit of tendinitis from a job a had 10 years ago, turns
  9. I unequivocally contracted Lyme last fall, and have been having ongoing symptoms. I have had so much bloodwork done this past year I could feed Dracula. I have borderline low ferritin and just below cutoff RBC, and everything else always checks out great. Great? I'm not doing great. Blood tests can find some things, but they can't flag everything that could be going on in the body. So, like me and my nerve issues, nerves acting stupid has no effect on the blood, so blood results are useless there. If the blood results are fine, then it's time to other, different, research. But that
  10. Honestly, from what you said about the director preferring to cast boys in major roles, and his apparent ignorance about the facts about your DDs, I suspect the director is a misogynist. Misogynists don't always have a foaming-at-the-mouth how-dare-a-stupid-woman-speak-to-me! attitude. Many are similar to covert racists. They'll overlook the faults of their preferred group, while finding any faults they can in their unpreferred group. And like racists, they usually don't realize their bigotry, and make overtures and relationships that "prove" they aren't bigots, but when objectively consid
  11. Just raising my hand here to say - "Old School" homeschool had co-ops. Large, extensive, class-based, teacher run co-ops. I attended one in, oh I'm not sure exactly, 1993(ish). Big attendance, had classrooms, paid teachers, etc. It was defined as "extra-curricular" but that meant it included ASL, science, Recorder, and....other things as well. Trying to remember, my mom didn't sign me up for everything. My mom asked for "core" classes once, she was a "3 R's" believer but struggled to implement it. And she was ticked when the secretary said that they didn't offer that, just "extras.
  12. Quoting here, though your earlier post in this thread got my wheels spinning. I've heard chatter in some circles that Paleo diet "cures" autism, and I've always chalked this up to the kid probably actually having a B12 deficiency, maybe he can't absorb B12 well and eats a lot of processed food or whatever. Switch to Paleo where Mom is hiding ground up liver to the weekly hamburgers and meatloaf, and boom, yeah the "autism" gets cured. But this whole thread brought to mind the diet de jour of a few years ago - Resistant Starch. What it is. Some more info about it. One interesting thing
  13. Okay, my DH was sharing an opinion with me of a language related to his own, and I thought it was interesting. If you want to discuss this with him detail and tell him why his opinions are misguided, be my guest. Languages absolutely can atrophy. It's obsolescence. If you don't let your language adapt and change to meet the needs of the speakers it will die. If you don't encourage any higher written work and grammar study in language, it will get confused, complexity will fall out, and speakers will find it unworkable, and it will die. If the workability of a language is confined to only o
  14. My Dh's issue wasn't so much that it was different. Goodness, every village here has it's own dialect of the local language, even if the village isn't big enough to have a yield sign. He found the intonation and word use weird. I don't know how best to explain it, because he wasn't sure how to explain it to me. But he's used to a lot of dialects, a lot of dialects here are odd (one local village here calls everything a "he") but he found Amish really odd, that's all. And he also noticed the lack of adapted vocabulary. If language users don't create new words for the things they encounter, eve
  15. There's that, and also that words can change meaning. Which can sometimes only show up when dealing with groups that have different ethnic and political histories than "normal." DH's family language is a form of Low Saxon, and he's heard clips of Amish speaking and finds their language super strange. He can understand it partly, but the syntax and other things are "off" to him. Plus, he thinks they speak strangely. That could be a dialect variation, but it could also be a sign of the language atrophying. As for why the Amish get a free pass - one big reason could be because of th
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