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I'm confused on a few things.

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Please hear me. I don't want to quit homeschool but feel it is best so kids will not be around what they are around these past few years. I feel I'm being forced to quit.


I love teaching my children from home (most days) and have been doing so for four years. However, my marriage has been having trouble that seems to be getting worse each year and sometime by the week.


Since things have been going so badly, I've been thinking about getting a job outside of the home this time and going back to college. However, it pains me thinking I'll have to put my children back in school and that they may not have a family unit as they've come to know for thirteen years.


So I've started looking into other options that would allow the children to remain homeschoolers. Mississippi does not have free options as far as I can tell from looking at Connection Academy and K12. I may be looking over others. We can't afford private school cost. That where I hope you can help. What am I missing?

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Not homeschool, but we went with the small charter school option. Our charter school is publicly funded, but it feels like a private school. We have been there 3 years and there is nothing with the public funding issue that has concerned me.


Our middle school is about 225 students. Advantage is that it is a small family feel. The teachers go above and beyond, and the administrator know everyone by name the first week. The downside is that they have more homework then public and less sports teams. The other downside is that there is no after care, so someone would need to be available to pick your children up right when school lets out.


Good luck. Praying that you work things out.

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I would look into charter schools, and I would be open to letting them start with the idea that if one or more is miserable they may need to come home and do an online program. The thing that is so hard with change is that you may need to be flexible long after you start implementing change.


I am sorry you are having a bad time, but good for you taking care of yourself and making plans for yourself.

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How old are your children? Homeschooling at home with a program like Connections Academy is a lot of work, or so I hear. Kids still need someone to help them. My family uses an online accredited high school and the classes are similar to public school classes. They are a lot of work and while my kids could do them independently, they get a lot more out of them when I've been a part of their school day. Right now I only have one still homeschooling and he spends about an hour a day on each subject. But that's a high school level.


I knew someone who used K12 through an online charter and she said the amount of work was ridiculous. It was lots of busy work.

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Thanks everyone.


The kids are 9 and 12.


We finally have one charter school, which is said to be in the making. That is if city government actually follows through.


Another thing I've considered is seeing if any of the online options would take payment plans. Of course, this means a job for me since we are at our max.


I've worked from home along with homeschooling for a few years now, but have been out of work since 2010, which makes me a freeloader according to husband.

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