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  1. How about Swiss Family Robinson, it's an old movie but still very enjoyable. The book is great as well. HTHs Lisa :-)
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      Ooooooh! Shiny! Thanks for sharing your goodies with others.

  3. Anyone know anything thing about the book , Everything You Need to Know About American History Homework-ISBN 9780590493635? I have not looked inside this book but it sounds interesting. Could I use it as a spine for American History? I found it on Memoria Press' website. They also have 200 Questions about Amerian History and I was wondering if these two books could be used as a curriculum for my 5th grader? Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreicated. Thank you, Lisa
  4. The longer I do homeschooling the more I cut. Joined our county home education program so the boys can take classes I am unable to teach (due to time and prep). I have gone back to only teaching the basics math, Language Arts and some other lite subjects. Maybe find a good LA program that is all in one, we use The Phonics Road and have been very happy with it, it is teacher intensive though but very, very thorough. Simplify or you are all going to get burned out quickly. HTH
  5. For my son I have strengthened his immune system with fish and flax oil, regular vitamins and lots of vitamin C. Increased his exercise and changed his diet to less carbs and more protein and veggies. He seems to be doing a lot better although I'll know more come the beginning of the year, when allergy season is in full force here in California
  6. How about some books on the benefits of homeschooling.....John Taylor Gatto, Mary Pride have some good books. Jim Trelease has The Read Aloud Handbook (excellent)
  7. :iagree:their retention isn't for too long at this age. Keep reading aloud to her and it will help improve her retention in a lot of areas. Andrew Pudewa of EIW has some excellent audios on kids and their development at different ages.
  8. :iagree:It will all switch somewhere between 6th and 8th grades. He will be the one who is envied.
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