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Boys' christening gowns/suits

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Ds was christened at 4 mos. I had my own christening gown (still do - it sits in a box on top of the box that contains my wedding gown in a closet :D), but opted not to use it. I had something made for him. It was a white linen blouse with a large smocked collar (I did the smocking for the color) and a pair of white, damask, button-on shorts. I just found a lady who sewed really well and she figured out a way to do the blouse so I could smock the collar for it.

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My DH's family has a tradition where the oldest child in each family gets to wear the heirloom christening gown. So that's what DD wore (as did DH, FIL, and FIL's uncle). When I was pregnant with DS, MIL was in an antique store and saw a beautiful antique christening gown. She decided to get it for all the other babies in her line. So DS and younger DD wore that, as did SIL's female twin. The boy wore a suit but that was purchased by the MIL of my SIL.

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