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What has or is your high school student using for science?

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In 9th my daughter used Hewitt's Conceptual Physical Science (not Physics).


In 10th, Ebbing's Chemistry with the Micro-Chem Kit for labs.


In 11th, she did two quarters of Introductory Geology and then a Rocks and Minerals class (all three included labs). She did these at the local community college.


Next year for 12th, she is signed up for Environmental Science (with lab) at the community college. She may do this for one quarter or might do it all year (depending on other commitments); alternatively, she might choose to do Astronomy second quarter.




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My ds used:


8th: Apologia Biology

9th: Apologia Chem

10th: AP Biology (Florida Virtual School)

11th: will do physics at the community college

12th: will do AP Chem on-line


My dd and ds#2 will be using Apologia Biology next year along with Science Roots.




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What environmental science text will your dc be using? We are doing this at home.


The text that the community college uses is Environmental Science: A Global Concern, 10th ed., by Cunningham et al. I believe this is the one: Environmental Science: A Global Concern.


Are you intending to do the AP exam? If so, I've heard good things about this study guide: Smartypants Guide to the AP Environmental Exam. (Though I see some very mixed reviews on Amazon.)




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Biology: Apologia


Chemistry: (UGH) SOS, then WTM, then BJU (but we made it!)


Biology II: A suggested AP Biology Text (not remembering which), the AP Test Guide


Physics: Univ of Texas (next year)


THINKING of having her do a light version of Chemistry and Physics before doing them at the college just for good measure. May reuse BJU for Chem or use Apologia for both. Could use NROC for Physics...just not sure (need to figure out soon!).

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Older son who does well with math/science did 10 of the 16 chapters of Apologia in 9th grade this past year. He will finish Apologia in 10th (about 14 weeks) plus do the anatomy unit out of the Prentice Hall Biology book by Miller/Levine (about 4 weeks), and then do Total Health for 18 weeks as a .5 credit Health unit.


Younger son with learning issues (who needs lots of visuals in a textbook and learns more from lots of hands-on) will be in 9th grade this year and will do all of the above science with older brother. In 10th grade, he'll do the "micro" and "fungi" etc. parts of Biology, probably using the Prentice Hall Biology, along with the evolution chapter in Apologia Biology.



Older son will probably do Apologia Chemistry in 11th grade.

Younger son will possibly do Rainbow Science Chemistry in 11th grade.



Yikes! Can't think that far ahead. ; )



While I really like that the Christian perspective is throughout the entire Apologia -- the textbook is as dry as dirt: very few visuals; the text runs from margin to margin and is physically very tiring to try and read; the text is so "chatty" and repetitive I just feel like screaming "get to the point already!"; WAAYY too much emphasis and detail in the early chapters on fungi; and there are fewer experiments than I would like. One plus: I appreciated the entire chapter devoted to evolution: defining it, explaining what are used as evidences for it, and then problems with some of those evidences -- while still from a clearly Christian perspective, it is a much more balanced approach.


The Prentice Hall is very visually appealing, nicely laid out, with lots of experiments within the textbook. MUCH easier book from which to learn how to take notes. A plus for my learning challenged son -- some of the study guide at the end of each chapter is multiple choice -- a lot easier for my learning challenged son to use as a learning tool than having to focus on writing out long answers and ending up focusing on writing rather than learning biology. The only downside is that the PH is completely evolution-based, with no mention of Creation or Intelligent Design.



Don't know as though that's a help... That's just where we are in our high school science journeys! : ) BEST of luck finding what works well for your family! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Apologia for Biology (both boys disliked this course greatly)


Courses middle son really enjoyed were:

Apologia Physical Science

BJU HomeSat Chemistry

BJU HomeSat Physics

(oldest son only chose to do Phy Sci and Bio in high school.)


Youngest son will defintely use BJU Homesat all the way. I have already been taping the Biology and it is fantastic. The teacher, Mrs. Ericson, is fun and inspiring. :D

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9th Grade - Biology with and older edition of Holt's Visualizing Life and a home-made series of labs.


10th Grade - Astronomy with a text called Astronomy: From the Earth to the Universe and the virtual lab program from the publisher.


11th Grade - Honors Chemistry through Florida Virtual School, with additional labs using the Thames & Kosmos C3000 set.


After that, she ended her high school "career" and jumped to an early entrance college program.

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My 9th grader is taking a Biology course with an instructor who uses BJU Biology. I really like the BJU text and labs over Apologia.


I'm thinking that next year she will take a Marine Biology course with same instructor. He writes his own course and labs are at Sea World.


Chemistry and Physics will be undecided, but I'm leaning toward BJU for Chem because of the quality of the labs and Apologia for Physics because of the audio companion.

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We used Apologia all the way cept for one year when dd studied edible and medicinal plants to go along with her unitstudy. This was the most practical and benificial sciene that any of my kids have done and it was done with plain old plant books.

If I didn't have Apologia we would use ABeka as BJU highschool science scares the living daylights out of me. It is too complicated for my blood.

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We are using BJUP's Biology with DVD's for our rising 9th grader. At this point, I expect that we will stay with BJUP at least for Chemistry, as well. I am hoping to supplement this year's Biology course with The Teaching Company's DVD's, "Understanding the Human Body: An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology."

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Guest Becca in CO

My 15yo ds will be using a ps textbook for chemistry, but I'll be teaching him at home. Has anyone used the T Co. lectures as a supplement? Is it at all possible to line them up with a typical chemistry book?


I can either combine the two, or save the money and use it to buy Apologia Chemistry. I'm a bit at a loss because I know the T Co class wouldn't be a full credit, and we haven't had much success with Apologia.




Becca in CO

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