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What kind of diaper rash is this?

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I don't want to take a pic b/c it's right on her privates, but she's had it for weeks. It's red and slightly bumpy in nature. I've tried the following:


2 different types of disposibles with Desitin cream


Cloth diapers with a natural diaper cream AND with Desitin cream. The cloth also have a fleece liner in there to try and block the wetness.


What gives? None of my other kiddos have had a rash for this long. I should take her to the doctor, but have to wait until I have my van back...



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Lactose intolerance? My ds was about 7mos old when prolonged diarrhea and diaper rash revealed LI. He had no symptoms prior to this but the doc suspected LI. When I switched him to a soy formula his rash and diarrhea cleared up pretty quickly.

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Shoot, no lotriman. Our van is in the shop, so I can't even get to the drugstore. I've tried letting her go naked too, but no dice. I've also tried keep her out of disposibles (using cloth diapers). That made it worse.


I guess we'll just have to deal until I can get to the drugstore. I've dealt with it for the last few weeks, I can deal with it for a few more days.


Thanks all!

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yeast. Get some over the counter yeast medication (like lotrimin or monistat) and put a layer of that on, followed by the EXTRA STRENGTH Desitin. The newer versions have only 14 percent zinc. The old stuff, which they now call extra strength, is 40 percent zinc. Makes all the difference in the world.


If that doesn't clear it up in 2 days I'd go to the doctor for sure.

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