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What grammar program to use with WWS?

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We just started WWS and my boys (7th & 8th) love it! It is the first writing program that my 7th grade ds has said anything positive about, ever.:001_smile:


I am unsure which grammar program to use alongside WWS. We have used an IEW/ GWG combo for the last few years, but were ready for something different.


I have Rod & Staff 6, but it seems like overkill used with WWS. Am I wrong? Would I use both everyday? Would I use the writing lessons within R&S as well?


I also have GWG. We are so used to this it is probably the easiest choice to go with, but I don't know that retention has been all that great. I'm also concerned that it doesn't go beyond level 8. Would I stop grammar in 9th, and just continue with WWS and lit study for high school?


We have been trying Easy Grammar 8 for the past week, and I'm not thrilled with it. The boys like it because it is quick and easy, but I feel it is lacking...something.


Does anyone have any suggestions, or what are you using grammar with WWS?



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We are using WWS and Rod&Staff. We started with R&S 6 and I should have just planned on half each year, if we don't make it all the way through the grammar series, that will be okay.


We are also going to use Killgallons Sentance Composing once a week and grammar 2x a week.

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