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  1. DS was also accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University (back in November, but I forgot to post). He has made his decision..... Where: West Virginia University Why: Excellent forensics program. Beautiful campus and warm, friendly people. (He got a good merit scholarship and a small grant, but that wasn't part of the decision) Major: Forensic and Investigative Science
  2. DS was accepted into the forensics program at Virginia Commonwealth University. They said he qualifies for a scholarship, but we have to wait to find out how much.
  3. DS has been admitted to the Honors College at West Virginia University. Yay! Still working on other applications.
  4. Definitely check with private schools in your area. My ds took the PSAT at private school the first time and then at the local public school. Kim
  5. Thanks, Frances. That's what I was thinking. I think having a basic understanding will work so much better for my son than just jumping into calculus in college. I also found a Great Courses calculus course that looks good for a supplement.
  6. Yes, he did AP Statistics with PA Homeschoolers this year.
  7. Thanks, Debbie. Right now I am leaning toward light exposure next year and having him take Calc 1 in college.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, Julie. My son does not want to do an online class, so PA Homeschoolersis out. I’ll look at Thinkwell. I toyed with teaching it myself, but math has been so painful for us in the past due to my son disliking math. It was just too stressful. We tried Derek Owens physics this past year and my son didn’t enjoy Derek’s teaching style.
  9. If you go with forensics, check out the Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments (ISBN: 978-1-449-33451-2) Kim
  10. I'm looking for a calculus curriculum for next year and came across Math-U-See. I would like to hear from anyone who has used it, what you liked and didn't like. My son, who will be a senior next year, does well in math, but does not like math. I feel it is important for him to take calculus next year since he will need to take it in college and I want him to be familiar with it before then. If you're reading this and used something other than MUS, I would like to hear from you too. TIA Kim
  11. Has anyone ever had a transcript rejected by a college because it wasn't in the requested format? One of the schools my son is interested in applying to (West VA Univ) requests the transcript be organized by year. Due to summer classes at a local university, I had planned to organize his transcript by subject. So, just wondering if anyone has ever had a problem due to the format of the transcript. Also, if anyone has applied to WVU, I would like to hear about your experience. Thanks! Kim
  12. Kim C

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    Horrible Science: Chemical Chaos $4 The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry $4 Paperback books in very good condition Kim



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    Introducing Psychology: Brain, Person, Group (4th Edition) by Stephen Kosslyn & Robin Rosenberg ISBN-13: 978-0558882846 This paperback book is in very good condition with no writing or damage in the book. Minor shelf wear. Studyguide for Introducing Psychology: Brain, Person, Group by Kosslyn, Stephen M. ISBN-13: 978-1478466925 This paperback book is in like-new condition with no writing or damage of any kind. $40 (includes media mail shipping within the US) Kim



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    The Stargazer's Guide to the Galaxy ISBN-13: 978-0812594232 Glow-in-the-Dark Constellations ISBN-13: 978-0448412535 Paperback books in excellent condition. $7 (includes media mail shipping within the US) Kim



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