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Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

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...Bazinga arrives tomorrow! :D


I'm calling her Bazinga, at least for now. We'll see what happens when she actually gets here.


Breeder is supposed to send me a pic today, of the puppy I'm getting. If she does, I'll post it here.


I won't post any pics, etc tomorrow, b/c we won't be home til after 11pm, and are taking everyone along. By the time we get the kids settled, puppy settled, I'm going to be collapsing.

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Woo hoo! Take a nap today so that you are rested for the big day tomorrow.

Oh, believe me, I'm gonna.


It's going to be a gong show...taking all the kids, b/c we're meeting Wolf's sis for dinner. And, we're leaving right from Princess' speech assessment appt. So, we'll be gone as of 1pm.


Plane gets in at 910, pup prob won't be ready for pick up til 930 or so, and then 1.5 hr drive back.


I'm tired just thinking about it. 10 hrs, away from home. And Boo is feverish, snotty, and just had 2 more teeth pop through, w/another 2 coming.


I swear he waits until there's something going on to teeth :tongue_smilie:


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