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  1. YES! You changed your avatar.

  2. I wish we met during the summer, I love our troop but everyone seems to go on vacation at different times and such. Sounds like you've all had fun this summer too.
  3. When does everyone start back, if you break for the summer? I'm almost as excited to start back with scouts as I am to start back to school.
  4. This thread rocks! Your guys and gals are doing some incredible things. My junior scout just finished up thinking day (we had Spain) and they're starting to work on their digital photography badge.
  5. Stopping by to say "You Rock!" I enjoy your posts and your profile picture makes me smile. Have a peachy day :)

  6. Awww, thank you. :)

  7. I adore your screen picture. You look so happy :)

  8. Thanks! Maybe I'm PMSing since I'm so sensitive!

  9. I enjoyed the humor you added to my day. Please don't let the pot stirring keep you from sharing in the future!

  10. Your signature cupcake gal is cute!

  11. I love your avatar and sig quote. IT Crowd rocks!

  12. I love your signature smiley! it definitely made me smile and seems to fit you well, judging from your picture :)

  13. Thanks for replying to my post! I do a lot of forum searches too, its a great suggestion to ask the live hive!

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