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Prayers please

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Can you please keep my husband in your prayers?


We went out with my sister Monday to look at a piece of property she is considering. DH decided to explore off trail, and ended up falling off a 10-14' embankment. He broke his radius close to the wrist, and the broken bone lifted up and jammed into the wrist, fracturing that. Thankfully my mom took the kids so I could focus on him for the 6.5 hours at the ER. They did their best to rest the bone, and he's splinted up - we have a follow-up appointment today. He'll likely be having surgery later this week to attach a metal rod with screws to his arm, possibly getting a metal plate in his wrist, and they said something about a possible bone graft.


This is problematical in a couple of ways... one - we're having to apply for state disability. Two - we have to apply for state aid (Medi-Cal) for the surgery, consults, etc. as well, since he is not insured through work until next month.


I am not looking forward to all this paperwork, and then waiting to find out if we'll get it or not. Nor am I looking forward to the recovery from all this. I know he is in a lot of pain already - how will it be after the surgery? I know we'll make it through, even if we end up making payments to the orthopedic surgeon forever. I am just a bit tired of all these bumps in the road!

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Hang in there, and regardless of whether or not you get approved for state aid, ask the hospital if they offer any sort of financial aid program. Sometimes they can write off a portion or the entire bill. It just depends on the individual hospital.


Hoping everything goes well and he heals quickly!

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