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High Anxiety/Depression interfering with reading


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I am getting hard pressed to find books that my 10 yr old can read that don't cause her problems.


My Side of the Mountain has a kid that ran away

Nancy Drew has mysterious stuff

Nothing with adoption/foster care

A Wrinkle in Time had scary/spooky stuff

Little House on the Prairie had some tense moments.


I'm getting close to twaddle reading with this kid! I was going to put her in a literature class next year in our co-op, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to handle the books?!


ideas, suggestions, thoughts, HELP! Thanks!


PPD-NOS, Anxiety, Executive Skills Dysfunction, and Depression. And SID. OT, and Counseling.

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Thanks for the warning. That probably would send us ALL to the padded room.


She likes history, and loves reading SOTW 1. But it's been 2 years and I can't seem to get her to move to II, so I'm doing that on cd.


It's hard, because I give her stuff that I read, so I know is safe, as in sex and graphic violence. I figure(ed) if nothing stands out in my memory then it is ok. UGH

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I'm looking through our list of books I read aloud. Some of these may be very below her in level. But I can't see them being upsetting in any way.


Some books by Thornton Burgess - but not all (Tell me which ones you want to read / have and I'll tell you if they are safe)


Perhaps look into the Freddy the pig books. (But not the North Pole one)


Clever Lollipop and Lady Lollipop by Dick King Smith


A Bear Called Paddington by Micheal Bond


Mr. Popper's Pengiuns


The secret world of Og by Pierre Burton


Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit


Raggedy Ann Stories


I think she would be fine with "George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt"


Cheaper by the Dozen. But do it as a read aloud or cut the last page out of the book.


If you are going to do any of the following you can let me know and with the exception of George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt I'll give you a detailed review of what could possible upset her.


(ie. in the penguin book a penguin eats some goldfish)

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She has read Mr Popper, Paddington, the Burgess books, and Raggedy Ann. She didn't want to read 5 Children and It because the picture on the cover. It was quite ugly. I think she's read 5 Little Peppers, and she has read Black Beauty.


I'm having trouble because as the literature advances, so do the plot and situations. I had a great list of books from Kolbe's Literature Curriculum, but I'm not sure now, about most of the books. I'm going to have to sit down and read some of them, I think. UGH Death doesn't usually bother her, but right now, with grandma dying, that might too.


Right now, I'm looking to get her to read:


Old Yeller, Kon Tiki, Misty of Chincoteague, MAYBE the Bronze Bow, Great Brain, and White Fang.

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Cin, have you thought about having her read non-fiction instead? It might help. Not even historical fiction, just non-fiction.


I just realized I didn't get back to you! In Old Yeller there's blood and dying. White Fang is just horrible, at least in our house, dreadfully boring. Like I said, maybe move away from the classics and find something more interesting?


I did ask my daughter, but she said Nancy Drew IS really scary, gives her nightmares if she reads it before bed. She couldn't think of any other mystery series she has read that weren't. She suggested the BoxCar books. I know that's probably lower than you meant and not classic, but they're not scary and have tons of books in the series. She was VERY into Boxcar for years and years... She'd act them out, etc.


Have you looked in the VP catalog? Their lit listings are wonderful. They tend to include some fun ones as well.


But yeah, definitely look into non-fiction. That might be your best bet right now. Those classics will be there later to go back to.

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Wonderful ideas. I started a thread recently on audiobooks for this very same reason. :lurk5:


Just so Stories and James Herriott books are good, but perhaps a little childish for that age range. There was one story in James Herriott's treasury that made my dd's anxiety worse (about a mama cat dying), but you can pick and choose. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew is good, so far, in our readings.

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Coming out of lurking to post a reply. My son is similar age (9 1/2) with a similar background (adopted from China at 19 months) and similar challenges.


One thing that has helped with his reading is talking about author's reasoning behind the lack of parents, the quest, how a parent would get in the way (I.e I would never let you do that), how boys used to go off at younger ages to be knights, but when that changed, authors had to remove parents another way. He really wanted to read Harry Potter (and has the first 3, knows from friends about the rest, but found the beginning of the 4th to disturbing) and we talked about how the adventures always happen when at school, so even Harry's friends are away from their parents. I don't know if she would be ready for that conversation, but it helped him to see the "orphaning" as an author's device; it distanced him.


Otherwise, he does tend to go towards humor and non-fiction. The Phantom Tollbooth, some Roald Dahl (some are too disturbing), William Steig's chapter books have been some of his favorite humor that are high quality. I wish their were more in that vein. He's also liked all mythology, the Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, others might be a bit "boy" or gross (boy humor).


Good luck, I find I spend tons of time finding appropriate books.



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