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Need spelling recommendations.


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DD is in 2nd grade. We didn't do any type of spelling program in K and in first grade used HOD and followed their weekly spelling lists. I would show her the card and she'd try and copy it, next day try it without seeing it, third day same idea except I'd use it in a sentence, etc. By Friday I'd just say the word and she'd write it. She did very well. Just this year, I noticed that if I ask her to spell a word or write a word that she hasn't seen or just hasn't seen she can't do it. I mean. REALLY can't do it. She cannot sound out to spell at all. I searched around and ended up buying R&S 2 for spelling. She's doing ok with the work but it has not taught her how to spell. I'm looking for a program that will teach her how to spell not just see words and spell them and then not retain the info later. I do have her using ETC to help with phonics and seeing words broken into different parts. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed!

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I just received the first two workbooks of the "How to Spell" series. I wanted a very plain spelling program (for an easily distracted kid) that is based on progressive phonics and that is extremely well organized. I also wanted it to be simple and affordable. I just got these today and I'm flipping through them - they look like exactly what I was after. And they are very affordable. The workbooks were $8-9 each and the teacher key for these two workbooks was about $5. I'm planning to use these along with the letter tiles I already have. I also found some practice sentences here:




It was a big pdf download but it looks like it will be very useful for dictation sentences for our older son.

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