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favorite things to do in nashville

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If you go to the Opry Mills Parking and park at the very back, you can walk over to the Opryland hotel quite easily (and there are bridges and the like for this purpose) and explore. It's a beautiful place (all indoor gardens and the like) and worth the visit. There are often live concerts there at the restaurants which you can view simply by being in that part of the hotel at the time (although you'll have to stand through them).


We're in Nashville several times a year due to DD's Cheer competitions, and we always go to Adventure Science Center and spend a few hours walking through the Opryland hotel. A lot of the other things are seasonal, and we're often there when it's either too cold or too hot to enjoy them, although the TN state museum is always good.


As far as music, anything at Ryman Auditorium (AKA Grand Old Opry) will be expensive, but there are a lot of small restaurants/clubs down near Vanderbilt and Belmont that have live music for the cost of a drink or two-but may not be child friendly. If you like Gospel or Contemporary Christian, pick up the local paper and the weekly supplement available around town, and someone is probably having a donation-pay concert SOMEWHERE or some church is having a special service. There are some very, very big names who do this, plus a lot of up-and-comers. Nashville is one place where it's possible to walk past someone and realize, after the fact that "Wait, wasn't that X"-and have no one else on the street even seem to notice because so many big names in music, especially Country and Contemporary Christian are based out of the city.


And, depending on timing, you may get REALLY lucky. NAMM does one of their annual conferences in Nashville, and those folks really bring in the big names for concerts (usually fundraisers for various music organizations). I've gotten to go to NAMM a couple of times with groups that were helping to support my urban music program in Memphis, and it's amazing to be there at that time of year.

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I know you asked for music, but here are some places we loved when we visited Nashville last Christmas.


The art museum downtown is free for kids under 18 and has a fabulous children's hands on art area. We big time recommend this! When we were there, we paid for 2 adults, all 6 kids got in free, and there was a Chulily exhibit and a traveling impressionists exhibit. I got to see some of my favorite paintings in real life! There were several monet pieces there, and Whistlers Mother. I had no idea that painting was so big!


Also, the big library downtown is a wonderful place. They won't let you check the books out, but they have an awesome children's theater area and great kids programs. The library is huge and we spent a whole afternoon there looking at the architecture, and of course reading! I know a library doesn't sound too exciting, but it truly is a wonderful place. Keep in mind though, we are from a very rural area and don't have a lot of experience with big city living, so this may not be as special to others as it was to us.

There is also a dairy there that gives free tours. I think it is called prairie farms, you call ahead to schedule a tour. We didn't do this one though. Also, when we were there last year, a lot of places were still closed due to the flooding, like the big mall. They are probably open now though.

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