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Good places to take online classes

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I would check your state's public university system first. Many brick and mortar institutions have programs which fall under the same quality standards as physical classrooms.


Exactly. I got my BS from Middle Tennessee State University and took every single class online while I home schooled my kids. It was hard but it was a fantastic experience. Try community colleges, they are less expensive.

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Some state schools have invested a lot in online education, making it highly robust and doable. Some have not though, so getting recommendations is a must. I work for a school that was headed towards standards and high expectations for the faculty involved, but that has been cut back because the person behind it left for another state school that is much, much further along. That school has entire degrees online and also has online tutors in certain subjects. My college has a few superstars in online education, and the rest are somewhere in between OK and poor.



You'll pay signifcantly more for University of Phoenix, Capella University, etc.

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As long as the college or university is properly accredited, you can take online courses almost anywhere. In our area, almost all of the colleges offer them, even the community colleges, so you can make your choice based upon price and/or prestige.


:iagree: Regional accreditation is more important than whether a school is online or brick & mortar. Some for profits are excellent, some are not. American Public University has an excellent reputation, is regionally accredited and is completely online. I LOVE my classes there. Challenging, with professors that are encouraging and make the courses interesting & relevant.

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