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  1. It's definitely not a dachshund thing. Mine is trained very well! It would be hard to care for someone else's dog if they weren't house broken. Hope it gets better.
  2. And the labor for laying tile (ceramic? porcelain?) is usually quite expensive!
  3. I always take out our stitches. I recently had some on the back of one of my legs and told the dr I would take them out. He said "you'd have to be a contortionist to do that" but guess what? A mirror comes in real handy. I think it's a big waste of time to have to go sit at the dr office (with all the germs) just to have a few stitches taken out. When my mom had brain surgery and had a plastic surgeon do the sewing up, his staff did a TERRIBLE job of taking out her stitches! She had to have them out in layers. After the first layer was botched up so badly, she wouldn't go back to have the rest removed and made me do it. ol
  4. Completely agree! You want someone who is going to take you seriously because no one knows you like YOU! When my mom started on her brain cancer journey, they put her on some medication that she had a horrible allergic reaction to. The first symptoms were of a personality change. I called the drs office and told them something was very wrong. They tried to dismiss me, but I was adamant that I knew her and something was VERY wrong. If she hadn't gone in that night, she probably would have died. She LOVES her oncologist and while he's not a specialist in her field, he stays up on the latest treatments for her conditions. The reason she loves him so much is because he lets HER call the shots. After all, she's the one who lives and dies with her decisions. With something as serious as cancer, I would never stay with a dr who didn't take me seriously. Even if they had a good NP, but the dr is still going to call the shots.
  5. You aren't the only one! I hated taking it. Coming off of it was hell. It took me three tries before I was able to get off it and that took 4 months to do. I will have to be in really bad shape before I'll consider taking another antidepressant again. Thankfully, I figured out my problem was actually low thyroid. Got it fixed and haven't felt the need for antidepressants since even when I went through some horrible life experiences about 3 years ago. I sympathize terribly with people just trying to find some relief from anxiety and depression. It sucks!
  6. Definitely get your hormones checked by a knowledgable dr.
  7. Has he seen a dr recently? My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer about 3 years ago. She never had this symptom but I've heard from numerous other people that the first sign of something wrong (that they didn't think about of course) was a drastic change in personality, things that seemed totally out of character. I might suggest to MIL that he get evaluated by a dr.
  8. I grew up in an area where the water was heavy fluoridated naturally. Many of my teeth have yellow spots on them. Thankfully it's mostly the back ones.
  9. Good for you for standing up for him! That's just plain ridiculous and people should mind their own business.
  10. Yep, I don't do much house cleaning. Only the necessities. I also don't work a regular job. I get a fair amount of familial support and then teach for a homeschooling coop AND go to graduate school. It's crazy and I hate being so swamped all the time but it is what it is. I think NOT homeschooling would make things harder. The little kids and I all sit at the dining room table in the mornings and do our school together. Then I'm right there to answer questions. The big kids are all independent for the most part. A good friend of mine is doing a coop type thing with her dd's and my dd's. It helps!
  11. Why do they not see that the things they say are manipulative? "If you don't do what I want, then you're not the person I thought you were" doesn't make me want to do things your way any more than I did before you said it. :glare:
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